cell membrane
It controls everything that passes in and also out the a cell. Lays down cellulose for plant cabinet wall.

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cytoplasmThe clear jelly-like fluid that filling a cell, consists of pigments, oil droplets, starch and also all organelles.
cytoskeletonThree types of protein fibers, consisting of microtubules, that kind a framework for plenty of cellular activities.
endoplasmic reticulumA membrane bounded network of networks running with the cytoplasm. Performs storage and transportation the substances, mostly proteins within the cell. It also creates lipids and also membrane components.
ribosomesThese to produce the protein in the cell. They make up about 1/4 that the massive of a cell. Some float totally free in the cytoplasm. Most are attached to ER.
mitochondriaChemical failure occurs below releasing energy for the cell. The recycles fats, proteins, and also carbohydrates. Creates urea and also wastes.
lysosomeContains digestive fluids. These break down proteins, carbohydrates and also lipids for usage by the cell.
Golgi facility (body, apparatus)This organelle packages protein for transport out of a cabinet or for storage in ~ the cell.
nucleusThe control facility for the cell. It includes the dyed fibers - chromosomes.
nucleoplasmThe liquid substance in ~ the nucleus.
nucleolusA dark spring spot within the nucleus. This is make of and synthesizes RNA.
chromatinThese condense to kind the chromosomes in ~ reproduction time.
microvilliCell membrane extensions uncovered on cell in the digestive tract provided for absorption.
ciliaHair-like structures on cells used to move particles or the organism.
flagellumTail-like structure used for locomotion.
centrosomeThe 2 centrioles that stay at best angles to every other. They are made that microtubules and help with mitosis (cell division).
peroxisomeA storage site for enzymes and also for neutralizing toxins. This are plentiful in liver cells.
cell wallCellulose structure around plant cells giving support.
plastidsDouble-membraned organelles distinct to plants.
leucoplastA colorless plastid. Counter glucose to starch, shop fats and also proteins.
chromoplastA plastid that manufactures and stores pigments.
chloroplastA plastid that has chlorophyll because that photosynthesis.

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vacuoleA membrane bounded sac comprise water and other substances. Some are for storage, some contain wastes. More prominent in plants.
nuclear poreOpenings in the nuclear membrane permitting RNA come pass the end of the nucleus