Brock Lesnar is a sporting journeyman. Native his decade lengthy stint with the WWE, whereby he is one eight-time world champion, to his 11 month UFC heavyweight title regime after beating Randy "The Natural" Couture at UFC 91.

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The 42-year-old has accomplished a hell of a lot of in a fairly short quantity of time, however his can be fried dream was to come to be a professional NFL player - and also he came so close come achieving that dream in 2004.

Following his last complement in the WWE at WrestleMania XX, Lesnar join the Minnesota Vikings in time for their pre-season preparations.

Lesnar, who was selected because that the club"s exercise squad after impressing in the NFL breeze combine, was passionate to prove world wrong front of his debut.

"This is no pack of bull; it"s no WWE stunt. Ns am dead serious about this," he stated via Bloody Elbow. "I ain"t fear of anything, and also I ain"t fear of anybody. I"ve to be an underdog in athletics due to the fact that I to be 5. I got zero college uses for wrestling. Now world say i can"t beat football, the it"s a joke. I say ns can."

"I"m as good an athlete together a lot of of males in the NFL, if no better. I"ve constantly had to fight for everything. Ns wasn"t the best technician in amateur wrestling. But I was strong, had great conditioning, and also a difficult head. Nobody might break me.

He taped a report 4.7-second 40-yard-dash time, 35-inch upright leap, and 30 reps on the 225-pound bench press throughout the combine, an impressive set of results for a rookie.

But a nasty motorcycle accident left him v a broken jaw, a bruised pelvis, and a traction groin, which expected he was no at 100% throughout his tryouts.

Lesnar quiet featured in a variety of pre-season outings, though, consisting of this clip versus the san Francisco 49ers, where he played defensive tackle in ~ #69.

The southern Dakota-born athlete would certainly train with Minnesota for 2 months but was at some point omitted native the last roster.

He was invited by the Vikings to stand for them in NFL Europa but he decided against the move, instead opting to pursue a job in combined Martial Arts.

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Lesnar was clearly determined to prove himself in pro football however natural athleticism didn"t complement up with his all at once skill set.




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