My daughter has actually insisted the her unborn brother"s name is Ted ever because we uncovered out he"s a boy. After number of months, my husband is now saying the can"t imagine phone call the baby anything else. Ns would like to surname the baby something that is at least SOMEHOW tied to the nickname. Our daughters space Fiona Marie and also Nora Bernadette. Names we have actually considered:

Gideon (my current favorite-maybe Ted isn"t too much removed together a nickname???)

Graham (I love, hubby hates)


Seamus (hubby likes, i don"t)

Donovan (neither of us love it, yet neither have actually vetoed it, either)

Middle name will certainly be Christopher, after his father.

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Names we know can be shortened to Ted, but won"t usage (mostly because of mine opinionated husband): Theodore, Thaddeus, Edward. Any kind of other suggestions would certainly be appreciated.


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By ameliorata
May 20, 2015 10:58 PM




By apblue
May 20, 2015 11:53 PM

Not gonna lie-- ns am not sure how those names over can be shortened come Ted. Haha. The only relation I have the right to think the is to Graham, and also that comes since of Teddy Grahams!

I prefer Gideon, yet I absolutely do not view Ted together a nickname there. The just name I deserve to come up v off the peak of my head is Thomas. I think you have to go with everything name you really like, and also maybe you deserve to just speak to the baby Ted or Teddy together a nickname regardless.

By ilikemints
May 21, 2015 12:36 AM

How about:


By Fly
May 21, 2015 12:47 AM

I agree through the Edmund and Edison/Eddison suggestions, and also the comment about not gift sure exactly how Ted comes from any of those various other names.

There"s likewise Edan (Welsh the Aidan), Edgar, Edwin, Edric (or Cedric), Adair (derived indigenous Edgar), Eamon (derived from Edmund)

Other ways around it:

I don"t think it would certainly be a difficulty to contact him, for example, Christopher Edward, with the same first name together his dad, as he would constantly be recognized as Ted, other than potential troubles with computer system systems bringing up the not correct Christopher.

I don"t know just how you feel around two center names, however you could pick other you favor as a an initial name, and also then put Christopher Edward (for example) as center names. That isn"t unusual to use a middle name, or a nn native a middle name.

By lucubratrix
May 21, 2015 3:49 AM

I think Graham, nicknamed Ted, due to the fact that of the Teddy Grahams connection, is entirely genius. I have actually nothing everywhere near this caliber come contribute!

Another option would it is in to take into consideration a T___ name with an center name that consists of an "Ed" element, or perhaps T__ E__ D___ Surname. I think a nice brief snappy E name (Eli, Ezra, possibly Evan or Ethan) could pair with Donovan from your list, so you"d just need to discover a T-name that you"d like. Theo? Tobias? Tobin? Tristan? A little further the end there: Torben? Torin, Thorin, Thor? Tennessee?

By lucubratrix
May 22, 2015 2:00 AM

Whoops, entirely missed that the center name will certainly be Christopher! Sorry about the not-relevant suggestions!

By nedibes
May 21, 2015 10:04 AM

Riffing top top the Teddy bear theme, you could use a name through a bear derivation. A pair that might appeal space Arthur (though the bear link is arguable there) or Bernard additional afield style-wise are Dov, Gerben (some of the sound of Gideon), Humbert, Humphrey, Mahon (Gaelic like some of her choices), Orson, Osborn.

Of course Roosevelt would be one obvious an option if you want to go that direction.

You could likewise look because that a literature connection--like Laurence, indigenous the character Theodore Laurence inLittle Women that went by Laurie most of the time however was referred to as Teddy by Jo March.

There are several Ed- and Theo- form names out there, numerous of i m sorry have already been suggested; you have the right to use the expert NameFinder to find more. I prefer the tip of using a T- name; you could also use the NameFinder to look just at those that likewise contain a D.

Otherwise, I would certainly say don"t sweat it. Us picked among our youngest son"s middle names based upon my daughter"s insistent suggestion, and within a couple of months that his bear she didn"t also remember choose it!

With Ted, you might give him everything name you like and also use Teddy Bear as his baby nn, and also then see if it naturally evolves right into Ted. This would certainly actually it is in my optimal suggestion because that you. Great luck!


Do *you* actually want to contact the baby Ted? It kind of sounds favor your husband is acquiring to contact all the shots here--he gets Christopher together the center name, to add Ted as the speak to name, but is dictating the it not be Theodore, Edward or one more name that actually leads come Ted. Ns think it"s same to ask that to provide up at least one that those things. The method I watch it, these are your options:

1. Use Theodore (or Edward, etc.), so full name is Theodore Christopher LN, nicknamed Ted, and also there is a natural connection to the nickname.

2. Placed Theodore (or Edward, etc.) in the middle slot with among your various other choices, so full name is e.g. Gideon Theodore LN, nicknamed Ted. The link to the nickname is a little much more remote, yet still there.

3. Use Gideon Christopher, through Ted together a totally unrelated nickname. I favor nedibes"s idea about using Teddy Bear together a family members nickname--I contact my child a ton of points that room in no method related to his name. Bunny, Monkey, Monster, Munchkin, Sweet Pea, Doodlebug (often shortened come Doodles or simply Dude). Teddy be afflicted with seems choose a really natural choice.

4. Usage Gideon Christopher, and ditch Ted. Her daughter will more than likely forget around it quite quickly--the inquiry is, will your husband?


Thank you all for your suggestions!

I think we will probably simply nix the effort to name the baby something associated to Ted, due to the fact that none that the names the are associated to it yes, really resonate through us. And as several people have spicy out, us all contact our youngsters pet names the aren"t concerned their really names. I don"t also really love the name Ted, so maybe the whole nickname thing will simply fade once he"s here.

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I love, LOVE the idea of specify name him Graham and also nicknaming the Teddy Graham/Ted. If only I can convince mine husband...sigh. Oh, well. There room names I simply can"t imagine using, too, and also so ns can"t do him use one he yes, really doesn"t like.

We will probably speak to him Gideon Christopher LastName, but I will upgrade you every in 8 weeks when he arrives! thanks again for all of your suggestions. It"s constantly nice to bounce principles off similarly minded name-enthusiasts!