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One very minor shining spot around the coronavirus pandemic is the all the self-isolation has noted lots the time come think about our convictions, both serious and also pointless, and also share our most precious thoughts v a captive social-media audience hungry for brand-new information and new things around which to argue.

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So here"s a new thing because that your mind to ponder, though this one is inarguable: Europe"s song "The final Countdown" is not in "Rocky IV." It"s no so lot a conviction as a nugget of 100 percent truth, and I"ve want to get it turn off my chest for a while.

I recognize some that you most likely "remember" it in the movie, however you"re wrong. And also if girlfriend doubt that this id exists, or the the belief is strong, execute a fast search ~ above Twitter for "The last Countdown Rocky IV" (or "Rocky 4") to find a bunch of human being referencing the in various methods through the year (including me, in a tweet version of this column) and also celebrating the song"s duty in the "Rocky IV" experience. But, again, those people are wrong. The Mandela Effect, or probably the Balboa Effect, is, well, in effect here.

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From 2010: "Final Countdown indigenous Rocky 4 played by a violin quartet at the wedding!! Awesome!!"

From 2012: "Just heard final Countdown from Rocky IV. Great sign."

From 2013: "Rocky 4 final Countdown favorite track to listen while lifting wights (sic)"

From 2019: "Finally found a tune that"s to be bugging me indigenous #UGRockFestival. The last Countdown - Europe. (From the Rocky 4 soundtrack)"

From 2020: "Name a tune in a movie that takes a step to the next level. ... The final Countdown - Rocky IV."

Then this: "Not to display my movie nerdiness, however Final Countdown was included to Rocky IV soundtrack, no actually in the movie. Simply sayin""

Alas, every among those is wrong. Even the last guy who thinks he"s gift nerdy-smart.

That"s due to the fact that "The final Countdown" is i do not have anything in "Rocky IV" and also nowhere on the accompanying soundtrack LP/cassette/CD/digital download. In fact, the track wasn"t even released till a year after "Rocky IV" come out. Space you shocked? take a minute if you require it. Here"s why you"re confused.

The score because that "Rocky IV," created by Vince DiCola, features similar synth instrumentation and a similar chord framework as "The last Countdown." In particular, what you most likely "remember" together "The final Countdown" is the monitor "Training Montage." Listen:

It sounds kind of prefer this part in "The final Countdown":

But they"re no *that* similar, therefore I"m not sure why this man exists. And also further, if the cultivate montage music really gets friend going, it"s only fair the you identify the man who produced that sequence of musical notes and also recorded them on this synthesizer. DiCola"s score is full of "80s goodness, an interesting departure indigenous the traditional "Rocky" sound that composer invoice Conti. 2 of DiCola"s cues to be featured on the initial "Rocky IV" soundtrack album, but there"s also an album of simply his score.

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I reached out to DiCola on on facebook to watch what that thinks around all this. Transforms out, he"s not an especially concerned. 

"I don"t have any kind of thoughts ~ above this in ~ the moment," that said. "People are still listening after ~ so countless years, and that shocks me and humbles me, my friend."

Still, the "Rocky IV" musical ignorance appears widespread. Just look in ~ Google find suggestions:

(Google) https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/43/f2/rockyiv-finalcountdowngoogle-ftrjpg_1xgr767kjj2az1v516p4po4nrg.jpg?t=995534537&w=500&quality=80

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This is all exceptionally frustrating, both as a pan of film music and as a pan of paying attention to reality. Yet I"m not alone, thankfully. Mixed in amongst those old tweets around how "The final Countdown" step in "Rocky IV" yes, really pumps friend up room a decent variety of people fighting the good fight to education the world about this silly little of music confusion. There have actually been other efforts to spread out the reality as well, and they all have actually my gratitude.

But justice delayed is no justice denied, therefore there"s still time for anyone to give DiCola his due together someone whose music helped Rocky loss Ivan Drago and also still inspires girlfriend today. And, hey, I favor "The last Countdown," too. It"s a classic "80s tune. It"s on mine iPod. It"s in our cumulative consciousness. It"s just not in "Rocky IV."

So, currently you know, and also knowing is half the battle. That"s from "G.I. Joe," which, choose "Rocky IV," is native the "80s and additionally doesn"t attribute "The final Countdown."