Many countries use words “dollar” to describe their currency. There room Australian dollars, Canadian dollars, and also Fijian dollars, amongst others. Native Brunei to Zimbabwe, friend can discover dollars.

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While the bills may have actually the same name, dollars indigenous different nations aren’t worth the exact same amount. A dissension in Belize is worth half as much as a U.S. Dollar. Ten U.S. Dollars are worth much more than one thousand Jamaican dollars.

Since Puerto Rico is a U.S. Territory, the U.S. Dollar is Puerto Rico’s currency. Over there is no need to worry about exchange rates when one travels between Puerto Rico and also the States.

Website PuertoRico.com provides this explanation. “Puerto Rico’s monetary unit is the United says Dollar (USD) as it is a commonwealth country the the United says of America.”

PuertoRico.com is right around Puerto Rico’s currency however wrong about Puerto Rico itself, by the way. Puerto Rico is a region of the unified States, and not a country. It is also not “a commonwealth.” republic is a word in the ar government’s official name, simply as it is in the main names of 4 States and another territory. The is not a political status.

Between 1902 and also 1913, there to be a few tries at a one-of-a-kind territorial dollar for Puerto Rico, consisting of bilingual currency, which might have to be the an initial of its kind. Because 1913, Puerto Rico has actually just supplied the very same dollars provided throughout the unified States.

In Puerto Rico, that is common to hear the U.S. Dollar dubbed “peso” or “dolar.”

Although the money is the same in Puerto Rico and the States, the territory and the remainder of the nation are in separate people economically.

Territory status method economic inequality.

The per capita revenue in Puerto Rico has actually been stuck at one third that that the country as a whole, and fifty percent that of the State through the lowest income level.

The mean individual of Puerto Rican beginning in a State earns double as lot a resides of the territory.

The civilization of Puerto Rico pay more than twice as much for electrical power as world pay in the continental joined States.


The truth about the economic case in Puerto Rico under territory standing is simple; that doesn’t call for a high finance calculation.

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Puerto Rico’s territory condition is not an excellent for its economic situation – U.S. Statehood would benefit Puerto Rico economically, simply as that did Hawaii and also Alaska. Tell her legislator that it’s time to move forward ~ above statehood.