The Australian Dollar

The official currency of Australia is the Australian dissension $. Here we distinguish in between the Australian dissension AU$ and the us Dollar US$.

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The current currency conversion price is as adheres to (as of June 8th, 2019).

1 united state Dollar = 1.43 Australian Dollars

For up-to-date conversion prices see here

Australian Prices

The average expense of living in Australia is higher than in the unified States. This is because in its entirety salaries in Australia are greater and plenty of public services we pay because that in the US are covered by taxes in Australia. For example, consider that the minimum fairy in Australia is right now US$13.22 (or AU$18.29) contrasted to the (federal minimum) US$7.25 in the united States.

That said, likewise keep in mind that the price you see in Australia currently include all taxes, and in many circumstances you do not must tip. So as soon as a restaurant burgess is listed as AU$16.50 you pay specifically AU$16.50.

So as soon as converting to united state dollars keep this in mind. That supposedly outrageously overpriced AU$16.50 restaurant burgess (assuming friend usually reminder 20%) actually costs:

(AU$16.50/127.5)*100 = $AU12.94 or US$9.06. Therefore the exact same meal would be listed in the us as costing $9.06 but then friend would have to include + 7.5% sales tax and also + 20% tip. Since the Australian prices room really no as high as they at very first seem. Although, the citizens in Australia might not incorporate fries, vice versa, in the us it more than likely would, however, Aussie eateries often throw in the side together lunch or dinner specials. For this reason expect greater meal prices but do the math!

I will administer a handy conversion chart for you come put into your wallet together the trip approaches (exchange rates might readjust between now and also then).


To get the ideal exchange rate, the is normally recommended that you retract your cash native a bank-affiliated ATM, preferably a financial institution affiliated through your OWN bank in the US. Call your financial institution before the trip and find the end if lock are present throughout Australia, or even if it is they have actually an affiliate abroad. Find out whether her card can be offered in Australia to withdraw cash indigenous an ATM and be sure to acquire a 4-digit pen for it.

I perform not recommend trading money at an airplane exchange or before departing (again uneven your bank gives you a great deal) since the fees room usually (much) greater than ATM withdrawals.

On weekdays, financial institutions are generally open in between 9:30am and 4:00pm. Banks are not open up in Australia top top weekends, however you will have 24-hour access to ATMs.

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Credit Cards

Credit cards are welcomed by most vendors and businesses in Australia, VISA and MasterCard being an ext widely accepted than American Express. Depositing the accumulation you wish to accessibility onto your credit cards before departing is a an excellent way to prevent cash advance charges and also give you easy access to money in ~ Australia. Australians usage credit cards with “The Chip”, a an innovation that is only now recording on in the united States. That is recommended that you get a card from your bank with a chip. Many of the time you will additionally be able to pay using the “magnetic swipe” on her card however this typically holds up traffic at the checkout. “Swiping” is thought about old and outdated in Australia (and many of the remainder of the human being for the matter). In all instances (swipe or chip) you will certainly be inquiry to administer a 4-digit pen to finish the transaction. Likewise be mindful that some businesses have actually a minimum acquisition (between $AU10-20) necessity for credit transaction cards (much an ext widespread 보다 in the US). If your acquisition is listed below that full they will charge friend a small additional fee.

Travellers’ Cheques

You room not serious, right? following thing, you are going come ask me even if it is you can trade v wool, clay, wood, wheat, or rock, aren’t you? Or probably seashells? Don’t lug Travellers’ Cheques!