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How does warmth travel through an are if an are is a vacuum? – Katerina, age ten, Norwich, UK.

What a great question!

First off, to recognize what heat is, you need to recognize that everything you have the right to touch or see is comprised of tiny structure blocks called atoms. Atoms space so tiny that friend can’t even see them (except v some an extremely special equipment) – yet they make up all the issue in the universe.

If miscellaneous is hot, it way that that is atoms have lots that energy and also are bouncing around. If miscellaneous is cold, that atoms have actually much less energy and they stay rather still.

It’s true that an are is a vacuum, which means that over there isn’t much issue floating around out there. Room isn’t a perfect vacuum though. Even if we ignore the huge stuff favor stars, planets and comets, an are is not fully empty.

In fact, the sunlight is constantly blowing matter, recognized as the solar wind, out into our solar system. This is part of what reasons the beautiful light screen we contact the aurora.

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But the solar wind isn’t an extremely dense - it has actually much, much fewer atom in it 보다 air, for example. This method it can’t carry much warmth in it and also so that can’t define how the warm from the sunlight reaches Earth.

There are three means heat deserve to be shared: conduction, convection and radiation. Stop think about each of these in turn, to discover which one allows heat come travel v space.


Conduction is what scientists call the move of warmth through touching. If friend touch something warm, warmth goes native it come you. If you touch miscellaneous cold, heat goes indigenous you come it.

Some materials, such together metals, are an excellent conductors. Various other materials, such together glass, are bad conductors, and are called insulators.

Heat can likewise be carried out in more than one step. For example, if you hold a metal spoon in a mug of warm tea, warmth will be moved from the tea to the spoon, and then from the spoon to her hand.


from tea come you. Rawpixel/Unsplash., FAL

But we’re not emotional the sun (and it is a an excellent thing too - its surface temperature is over 5,000°C!) and an are is a vacuum so there isn’t anything come act together a spoon and also conduct the heat. So we can dominion out conduction.


Convection is the deliver of warmth through the circulation of fluids. Both liquids and gases deserve to convect heat. Atoms will flow away from hot regions toward cooler regions, carrying their heat and energy through them.

If did you do it ever been in a bath that has started to go cold, and also then turn the warm tap on, you’ll feeling the warm water convect from the tap more into the bath.

The hot atoms will certainly then bang into chillier atoms, sharing their warmth through conduction, until the bathtub becomes an also temperature.

But because room is a vacuum, there are no liquids or gases come convect warm away from the sun, every the method to Earth. So we can rule out convection.


Hot body of issue such together the sun – and even our own human bodies – provide off heat. Together the matter’s atom move and also vibrate they provide off, or “radiate”, electromagnetic energy – this is dubbed “thermal radiation”.

Electromagnetic energy comes in a range, or spectrum, of varieties - several of these we have the right to see: they comprise the rainbow that “visible light”. Other varieties that we cannot check out exist too, such as the infrared power our hot bodies radiate and also microwave power we use to cook food.


A heat camera allows you ‘see’ heat, by picking up heat radiation. Shutterstock.

Unlike conduction and also convection, radiation does no need matter to transfer heat. Energy is radiated indigenous the sun, with the vacuum of room at the rate of light. As soon as this energy arrives in ~ Earth, few of it is moved to the gases in ours atmosphere.

Some the it passes through and also heats up the atoms on the earth surface. Some will even be took in by her skin.

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The floor soaks increase the energy from the sun’s radiation, and also this causes it to provide off heat, too. Few of this warm is carried out – like when the warm sand ~ above the beach burns her feet in the summer. Some is convected with wind and also ocean currents, and some of it is radiated ago into the atmosphere, or even outer space.