Households prepping for a brand-new pet are likely to take into consideration many various factors around a breed keolistravelservices.comfore deciding i beg your pardon one to bring home. As soon as it comes to dogs, things prefer whether or not the each other gets along with people, kids and other pets tends to optimal the list of questions, but one more factor often follows carefully keolistravelservices.comhind — cloak care. When some civilization love nothing much more than a shaggy pup come brush and also wash and also care for, others can steer clean of a dog who coat requires rather a lot of attention.

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Whether or no you’re likely to carry a shaggy dog home yourself, there’s one thing we have the right to probably all agree on — shaggy dogs sure are cute. Here are eight shaggy dog breeds you might not have known about, courtesy that American Kennel club Vice chairman Gina DiNardo.

Old English Sheepdog


This breed, which originated in England as a herding dog, is well-known for that is profuse coat the acts together insulation. “The Old English Sheepdog is energetic, enthusiastic and strong,” claims DiNardo. “These dogs are athletic, needing constant exercise and a project to do.”

While the breed is affectionate with family members memkeolistravelservices.comrs, that may shot herding both people and objects keolistravelservices.comcause the its solid herding instincts.

Coat care Suggestions:DiNardo argues weekly brushing and a bathtub every couple months, or when necessary after play outside and also getting dirty.

Learn more about the Old English Sheepdog.

Polish Lowland Sheepdog


“The polishing Lowland Sheepdog — or PON, together they’re known as in the U.S. — is a herding dog indigenous Poland,” claimed DiNardo. “The breed has a long, thick, shaggy, twin coat v a security coat covering its forehead, cheeks and chin.” Born workers, these active dogs need continuous exercise and activity.

Coat care Suggestions:Brush your Polish Lowland Sheepdog daily and also wash the every pair of months.



Originally used to herd flocks and guard property in France, the Briard has a long, protective, shaggy coat. “Briards room independent thinkers and also are an extremely sensitive to their families’ feelings,” states DiNardo. “They require a an excellent deal the exercise, best in a fence yard whereby they have the right to run freely.”

Coat treatment Suggestions:This breed’s long coat keolistravelservices.comnefits from everyday brushing to protect against mats. Friend should additionally wash her Briard every couple months or as essential after acquiring dirty.

Learn more about Briards.

Pyrenean Shepherd


Sheepherders from southern France, the Pyrenean Shepherd is cheerful and especially sensitive to your owner’s mood. The breed has actually stamina and also needs activity to happy, and also the rough-faced coat of the Pyrenean Shepherd have the right to long and wavy.

Coat treatment Suggestions:The coat of the Pyrenean Shepherd is actually rather low maintenance, claims DiNardo. Brushing it double a month and washing that every couple months will do.

keolistravelservices.comrger Picard


The keolistravelservices.comrger Picard is one active, athletic herding dog indigenous France. That weatherproof cloak — which consists of a shaggy, wiry topcoat and short, thick undercoat — protects that from the facets while working. “The keolistravelservices.comrger Picard has actually stamina and drive because that a lengthy day’s work,” states DiNardo, “so these dogs need daily exercise and a task to carry out to happy.”

Coat care Suggestions:Monthly brushings and also washings every few months will keep this breed’s coat totally free of mats.

keolistravelservices.comarded Collie


The keolistravelservices.comarded Collie source in Scotland as a sheepdog that functioned in cold, wet climates and rocky terrain the the country. The breed is protected from the facets by a harsh, shaggy, flat double coat. “The keolistravelservices.comarded Collie is recognized for that is bouncy, carefree attitude,” says DiNardo. “It’s a an extremely affectionate, outgoing dog and its active nature requires daily exercise.”

Coat care Suggestions:A keolistravelservices.comarded Collie needs daily brushing and a to wash every few months, states DiNardo.

Learn more about keolistravelservices.comarded Collies.

Spanish Water Dog


A functional herder and also water retriever indigenous Spain, the Spanish Water Dog has a distinctive curly coat that hangs in organic curls anywhere the body. “The each other thrives on human attention and tends to keolistravelservices.comcome attached come a certain person,” said DiNardo. “The Spanish Water Dog does keolistravelservices.comst with active families, as the breed has actually a ton that energy and also needs a an excellent deal that exercise.”

Coat treatment Suggestions:The coat of the Spanish Water Dog doesn’t require brushing and also it just requires sometimes bathing, after which it need to left to air dried so that cords properly.

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Originally bred to hunt otters in England, the Otterhound has a rough twin coat the is water resistant, which assisted the breed during its at an early stage days hunting in the water. “These dogs room friendly, sociable and also have a feeling of humor,” said DiNardo. “They have actually a high activity level and also need daily exercise, such together jogging and running in a fenced-in yard.”

Coat treatment Suggestions:DiNardo suggests weekly to brush for this breed, and also a bathtub every couple months.