It’s among the most successful movie franchises of every time – however not many know around its Northampton links.

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Harry Potter quickly became a family members name after writer J K Rowling’s first instalment – take care of Potter and the Philosopher’s rock – fight shelves in June 1997.

From there, one more six books and seven movies have actually been released alongside by-products such as an excellent Beasts and Where to uncover Them.

But acting alongside Daniel Radcliff, as Harry Potter, and Emma Watson, together Hermione Granger, in the 4th film, bother Potter and also the Goblet that Fire, was a when abandoned dog indigenous Northamptonshire.

The Neapolitan Mastiff, recognized as Fang in harry Potter, was picked up by top pet trainer Julie Tottman from a Northampton-based rescue shelter.

Julie worked as Harry porter head animal trainer in between 2000 and 2011, and has trained more than 250 pets for the movies consisting of owls, cats and even spiders.

She has operated on plenty of shows and also movies including game of Thrones and also 101 Dalmatians.

Before filming bother Potter and the Goblet that Fire, Julie necessary to change Hugo, the dog that acted alongside Robbie keolistravelservices.comltrane, as Hagrid, in the first three films, as he was collection to get in into retirement.


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But with Neapolitan Mastiffs being such a rarely breed and also often quite tricky to work-related with, she knew time was no on she side.

The animal-welfare advocate, who aims to rescue pets wherever possible, began ringing approximately dog rescue charities and came across a specialist mastiff rescue charity in Northampton.

They had actually a Neopolitan Mastiff with the very same blue keolistravelservices.comlour as Hugo, who was supposedly abandoned because of his ‘aggressive’ nature.

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However, the larger than life rescue dog to be anything but. Julie trust his previous owner gave this together an forgive to remove him, speak they were most likely unprepared because that the fact of caring because that such a big and expensive dog.

When Julie very first met Hugo’s replacement, that was then known as Hercules, the was incredibly skinny v his ribs showing.

The 50-year-old determined to rename that Monkey to fit his goofy personality and took him residence to Tring, Hertfordshire to train him up.

In she book, ‘Rescue Me: The significant Tru Story that the abandoned Mastiff who became Fang in the take care of Potter Movies, Julie recalls how Monkey often entertained the whole cast on set.

On one occasion, the mistook an animatronic dragon for an oversized dog toy and not a vital part the the movies. One more incident experienced him keolistravelservices.comver the whole collection in drool when he shook his substantial head at the not correct time.


Unfortunately, Monkey sadly passed away in 2013 after occurring cancer and was replaced by Uno, who went on come play Fang in the movie adaption of the Half-Blood Prince.

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Monkey has actually been immortalised in the Warner brothers Studio Tour, near Watford, in a video clip projection showing him being trained by Julie.