This is the famous statement that Toucan Sam shouts out as he searches for the fruit-filled grain he loves, Kellogg’s Froot Loops. Due to the fact that 1963, he’s to be the heralding mascot for cereal kids continue to enjoy.

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In the original commercials, Toucan Sam spoke the weird language of Pig Latin, and also the expression “OOT-fray OOPS-lay” deserve to be watched on vintage Froot Loops articles. Soon after, he began to speak English with the brothers accent we are acquainted with today.

Some people think Toucan Sam is a cartoon version of the Keel-billed Toucan. This funny bird has actually a really colorful beak, and also fruit is a mainstay the its diet. This seems to right the properties of Toucan Sam, because that he has stripes of color on his beak and also the capacity to smell fruit from much away.


Keel-billed Toucan (source: Wikipedia)

Originally, Toucan Sam had a long beak v two huge pink stripes, a yellow stripe, and also a tiny black tip. He additionally had grey, blue and white feathers, and wore a towering hat of fruit ~ above his head. Nowadays, Toucan Sam has actually blue plumage v a white belly. His fruit cap has fully disappeared, and also he likewise has a much shorter beak v a much longer black tip and smaller colored stripes. The red, yellow and also orange mine stripes represent the initial colors that the breakfast cereal.

Over the years more colored loops have been included to the cereal such as green, purple, blue, and gold. Over there is a debate around whether each loop tastes the same, or if castle have different flavors, but according to Kellogg’s they room all the same.

In the tv commercials, Toucan Sam is always searching because that his favourite fruit-flavored cereal. His fruit-sensing nose seeks out the spices of Froot Loops Cereal and he can discover a concealed box complete of Froot Loops easily. In recent years, the story lines have actually become an ext complicated, and also other characters have been added. In 1994 the character was given three infant toucan nephews – Puey, Susey, and also Louis – to clock over. The nephews aided Sam come defeat opponents such together Dr. Peacock and the Nasty alien Froot Monster.

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Nowadays, Toucan Sam and also other characters have cool adventures ~ above the internet at, while collectors look for out early Toucan Sam merchandise, like figures, dolls and also advertising signs.

Did girlfriend eat Froot Loops as a kid? does the boy in girlfriend still love them? Share her Froot Loops and also Toucan Sam memories…