small in consideration, importance, position, affluence, etc.: tiny discomforts;tax reductions to assist the small fellow.

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in only a tiny amount or degree; not much; slightly: a little-known occupational of art;little far better than a vault effort.
a small amount, quantity, or degree: castle did tiny to make him comfortable.If you want some ice cream, there's a little in the refrigerator.
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make little of, come belittle: come make tiny of one's troubles. To understand or analyze only slightly: scholar made tiny of the newly found text.
not a little, to a good extent; really much; considerably: It exhausted me not a small to stand for three hours.
think small of, come treat casually; regard as trivial: they think small of driving 50 miles to view a movie.
First recorded prior to 900; center English, Old English lȳtel (lȳt “few, small” + -el diminutive suffix), cognate through Dutch luttel, Old High German luzzil, Old norse lītill
1-4. Little, diminutive, minute, tiny refer to that which is not large or significant. Tiny (the the opposite of big ) is really general, extending size, extent, number, quantity, amount, duration, or degree: a little boy; a small time. Small (the the contrary of large and of good ) can plenty of times be offered interchangeably v little, but is especially used to what is restricted or listed below the typical in size: tiny oranges. Diminutive denotes (usually physical) size that is much much less than the mean or ordinary; that may suggest delicacy: the baby's diminutive fingers; diminutive in size however autocratic in manner. Minute says that which is so small it is difficult to discern, or that which means attentiveness come the smallest details: a minute quantity; a minute exam.

OTHER WORDS indigenous little

lit·tlish , /ˈlɪt together ɪʃ, ˈlɪt lɪʃ/, adjectivelit·tle·ness, noun

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litterbag, litterbug, litter lout, littermate, littery, little, tiny Alföld, little Alliance, small America, little auk, little Bear


What is a basic definition of little?

Little explains something the is tiny in size. Little also describes a quick time. And also little have the right to refer to a small amount the something. Little has many other senses together an adjective, adverb, and noun.

If other is little, the is small or physically small. Little is the contrary of words like big, huge, and also gigantic. The noun form of this feeling is littleness.

Real-life examples: newborn babies space little. A solitary grain the sand is little. A dime is a little coin compared to quarters and nickels.

Used in a sentence: I discovered a little piece of file tucked within the tiny book. 

Little additionally describes a quick amount that time. This sense is commonly used as “a little while” or “a little bit.” This feeling is a synonym the words favor brief or short.

Real-life examples: A five-minute remainder is a little break. You might go away because that a weekend and also call that a little vacation. You could stay in ~ a friend’s house for a little while prior to saying goodbye. And 367 work is a little end a year.

Used in a sentence: We stopped at the gas terminal for a tiny bit to to fill up the automobile before continuing our trip. 

Little can likewise describe a small amount that something.

Real-life examples: A chief might include a little salt come a recipe. There could be a little rain ~ above a cloudy day. A brand-new chess player usually has actually little possibility of beating a professional.

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Used in a sentence: She included to the romantic setting by play a little music. 

Little is likewise used in this sense as a noun.

Used in a sentence: If girlfriend are in search of paint, there is a small in the it is provided closet.