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Hi, Walmart love friends!

Most likely, you’re here since you looked up, “Is there a Walmart in London” or “Is over there a Walmart in the UK” (London is basically what every American thinks of as soon as they think the the UK, let’s confront it.)

Maybe girlfriend dream of gaining this human being of Walmart coloring book (what?) for Christmas.

OR maybe you’re like, hey, I want the actual photo book to fill with human being who shop in ~ Walmart.

For those of you interested in the business of Walmart, ns recommend discovering this book that gets deep in to exactly how the service works, and why it has been so successful.

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I likewise may have actually written it, therefore I’m biased.

But truly, if you’re coming to the UK as an expat, a research abroad student, or also a visitor, my overview to life in the UK contains both an individual anecdotes and maybe too-honest experiences, and also resources and advice ~ above topics ranging from homesickness in the UK (or exactly how not to rage book a trip to America prefer I did), driving in the UK, being a college student in the UK, and much more practical advice around bank accounts, to buy houses, and also more.

It’s truly a one stop shop for every one of the weirdness and also wonderfulness (is that a word?) that comes together with life in the UK, and likewise there is lot of of possibility to laugh in ~ me as I share every one of my expat stops working so there’s that.

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Anyway, if you’re used to heading to Walmart for your groceries, clothing, cleaning items, toys, and also basically anything else you need, girlfriend won’t have the ability to actually step foot in a save just called “Walmart” in London or in the UK.

There’s no Target in England or Ross dress for less in the UK either, I’m afraid!