A right rectangle-shaped prism is a three-dimensional solid shape with 6 faces, 12 edges, and 8 vertices. The is additionally called a cuboid. The six encounters of a right rectangular prism are rectangular in shape. Some instances of a right rectangular prism space books, aquarium, bricks. Similar to various other two-dimensional and also three-dimensional shapes, the right rectangular prism likewise has a surface ar area.

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1.Right rectangular Prism Definition
2.Formulas the a Right rectangular Prism
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Right rectangle-shaped Prism Definition

A right rectangular prism is a three-dimensional shape with six faces (with all the 6 deals with being rectangle-shaped in shape), 12 edges and also 8 vertices. Every the faces of the prism are rectangles. Every the angles formed at the vertices room of 90° or appropriate angles.


Properties of a Right rectangle-shaped Prism

It is very easy to identify a right rectangle-shaped prism if we know its straightforward properties. Listed below space its properties.

All its deals with are rectangles.Each corner of the prism to represent a appropriate angle.

Formulas of a Right rectangle-shaped Prism

To find the surface area, volume, and length that the diagonal line of a right rectangle-shaped prism, it is simple if we use some formulae to make our calculations easier. Let united state learn around each that the formulas pertained to the right rectangular prism in this section.

Surface Area that a Right rectangle-shaped Prism

Surface area is the room occupied by the external surface of any solid shape. The surface area that a right rectangle-shaped prism is the space occupied by every the deals with of the right rectangle-shaped prism.

Surface area the a right rectangular prism = lw+lw+wh+wh+lh+lh, which is same to 2(lw+wh+lh) square units.


Surface Area = 2(lw+wh+lh) square units.

Volume that Right rectangle-shaped Prism

Volume is the space occupied through a closed surface of a solid shape. Volume of a right rectangle-shaped prism can be defined as the product the the area that one confront multiplied by its height.


The volume the a right rectangle-shaped prism (V) because that a size (l), elevation (h), and also width (w) is offered by,Volume = (l × w × h) cubic units.

Diagonal the a Right rectangular Prism

A diagonal is a line that joins 2 opposite corners that a shape that has actually straight sides. The diagonal line of a right rectangle-shaped prism is the square source of the amount of the squares of the length, width, and also height.


The diagonal of a right rectangle-shaped prism of size (l), broad (w), and height (h) is given by,

Diagonal = (sqrtl^2+w^2+h^2)

Important Notes

A rectangular prism has six faces - the base, the top, and also the 4 sides.The base and also top always have the exact same area. The pairs of opposite sides have actually the very same area together well.The volume of rectangle-shaped Prism: V = lwhSurface Area of rectangle-shaped Prism: S = 2(lw + lh + wh)In a right rectangular prism, edge = 12, deals with = 6, vertices = 8When all sides the a right rectangular prism room equal, it is dubbed a cube. Its surface area is 6a2 and also volume is a3.

Challenging Questions

Is a cube a rectangle-shaped prism?Can you determine the volume of a rectangle-shaped prism as soon as the area of its base and also height are given yet the length and also width room not given as different measurements?

A net is defined as a version of a two-dimensional shape that deserve to be folded and also made into a three-dimensional shape. The net of any type of geometrical three-dimensional shape is obtained by unfolding it along its edges and faces. The net of the right rectangular prism is same to its surface area. The picture given below shows the net of a rectangular prism. We can plainly observe the it is comprised of rectangles. By calculating the area of each rectangle, and adding them up us can uncover the net or the surface area that the right rectangular prism.


Topics regarded Right rectangle-shaped Prism

Check out these interesting articles to know an ext about right rectangular prism.

Example 1: Emily demands to buy part cardboard to construct a box without a lid. She wants package to measure 7 units long, 5 units wide, and 9 systems high. How much cardboard should she buy?


The size of the box are as follows: length l = 7 systems Width w = 5 units elevation h = 9 units

We will determine the surface ar area of the open box, the is, without a lid.

The surface ar area the the open box is: lw+2wh+2lh = 7 × 5 + 2 × 5 × 9 + 2 × 7 × 9= 35+90+126= 251 square unitsTherefore, Emily have to buy 251 square units of cardboard.

Example 2:

Identify the right rectangle-shaped prisms indigenous the following.

Solution: For an object to be a right rectangle-shaped prism, that should have actually all six deals with as rectangles, the opposite faces should be equal and the cross-section along the size is the same. Because all the over conditions room satisfied, we have the right to say that all three are similar to a right rectangle-shaped prism.

Example 3: Kevin desires to determine the height of a rectangle-shaped prism v base area 10 units2 and also volume 40 units3.Solution:

The volume that a rectangle-shaped prism is 40 cubic units. The base area is given by l×b = 10 square units. The elevation of the prism is calculated together follows.

Volume = 40 cubic units

So, lbh = 40

lb × h = 40

10 × h = 40

h = 4 unitsTherefore, height of the prism is 4units.

Example 4: Tim want to include soil come his gardening bed i beg your pardon is in the form of a rectangular prism and also has the adhering to dimensions: length = 8 units, broad = 4 units, and also height = 1 units. What is the maximum lot of planting floor that deserve to be supplied to to fill the gardening bed?


Tim's gardening bed resembles the of a rectangular prism having actually the complying with dimensions: Length, l = 8 devices Width, w = 4 units and also Height, h = 1 unit.

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The maximum amount of planting floor that can be offered to fill the bed is the volume of the bed i beg your pardon is same to = (l × w × h) cubic units. The is, 8 x 4 x 1 = 32 cubic units. Therefore, 32 cubic devices of the soil can be offered to fill the gardening bed.