I am referring to the component behind the seats and the black color cover that the automobile in this picture. Is over there a details name because that it?


I believe you"re talking around the trunk (American English). The back part where you placed stuff in such together luggage.

Just a quick tip for next time, if you go on Google and also select "images" and also then write "Car parts names in English" friend will view a bunch of auto parts through names indigenous ESL websites.


There is no officially term for this.

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"Trunk" (or "boot") is more than likely what most human being would say, however the term only actually refers to the actual package compartment and also not the region of the car. The certain car in your example is a Porsche Boxster, which has the package compartment in the front, and also the engine in the back. Also Porsche owners don"t know what words come use.

In practice, world will typically understand "trunk"/"boot" to typical what you intend, however it is not technically correct. "Rear" is probably the many correct.



The front end of a carThe read end of a car

Here is the front finish of brand-new Ford Focus:


Rear finish of a Mercedes:


I think prior end and also rear finish are generic sufficient to incorporate the entire part of a vehicle from the front home windows forward and also the back windows back (on a sedan for instance).

For me, this is not around trunks and boots, for sedans.

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These pictures role as totally free advertising for these vehicles as they contain the brand names.


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