Or is there any kind of difference in your usage? favor if one just refer come the main component and other consists of the branches, stalk, etc.

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Looking ~ above dictionary.com, bole and also trunk it seems ~ to it is in the same:


The key stem that a tree, as unique from the branches and also roots.


The stem or trunk of a tree.

But stem seems to involve trunk/bole, the branches and also the stalks supporting the fruits:

The ascending axis that a plant, whether over or listed below ground, which ordinarily grows in an the contrary direction come the root or descending axis.The stalk that supports a leaf, flower, or fruit.The main body of that portion of a tree, shrub, or various other plant which is over ground; trunk; stalk.

What is a small confusing is the bole also means stem, so i asked below to placed the kibosh on it.

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The stem that the plant is responsible for giving support to the leaves, flower or fruits of a tree. ~ above the other hand, a trunk of a tree gives a structure for the whole tree, including stems, leaves, flowers and fruits. The trunk also connects the leaves to the roots. The word stem usually describes a plant, if a trunk refers to a tree.

And bole is a synonym because that trunk and method the same.

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The use and also terminology by a client as come bole/trunk of the tree.

At what suggest does the bole the the tree (trunk) readjust to the roots? we have a buttressing trunk to buttressing roots.

Therefore is then a buttressing tribe still part of the bole that the tree (trunk) over ground; even though the bole the the tribe is ascending up right into the key trunk.

As I have to measure indigenous the closest part of the bole the the tree (trunk) to a habitable dwelling.

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Trunks room rigid, when stems are an ext flexible. Stems prosper to expose leaves and flowers. Stems space directly connected to pipeline whereas trunks carry out not have actually adirect connection with leaves, buds, and also flowers.Trunks room surrounded with challenging texture bark while stems are notcovered v bark.See differentiate at core Differences

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