"Wisdom, Justice, and also Moderation" "Agriculture and Commerce"

Adopted ~ above February 8, 1799; august 17, 1914 Language: English Focus: Progress and also Prosperity and also Justice watch Georgia State Seal

Georgia state mottoes were embraced as elements of the State Seal; in this case, The good Seal that the State the Georgia. The general Assembly of the State of Georgia adopted the state seal top top February 8, 1799.


Georgia state seal was adjusted on august 17, 1914. The day was adjusted from 1799 (year of the seal"s adoption) to 1776 (year the the explanation of Independence). Other than for this change, the an excellent Seal that the State the Georgia stays today as it was embraced in 1799. These mottos show up on the great seal that the state: one top top the obverse, the other on the reverse.

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Obverse: "Wisdom, justice, and moderation" Reverse: "Agriculture and commerce"

Georgia State Motto: "Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation" "Agriculture and also Commerce"

These state have actually mottos that recommendation justice:

The Georgia general Assembly has never adopted an main motto as such. However, in 1799, when the legislature embraced a new state seal, it listed for one arch containing the word "Constitution" sustained by three pillars. The legislation specified the the 3 pillars represented the 3 branches that government. Showing up on a banner the encircling the three pillars were the indigenous "Wisdom," "Justice," and also "Moderation"--with every word associated with one pillar. This later on led one historian to conclude that "Wisdom" to be to use to the legislative branch branch in making the laws, "Justice" to the judicial branch in their decisions, and also "Moderation" come the executive, management branch to carry out laws in moderation. "Agriculture and also commerce" ~ above the reverse describe the mainstay the Georgia"s economic well-being. In 1914, the day of 1799 was readjusted to 1776, the date of national self-reliance rather 보다 the day of Georgia"s join to the Union.

Actually, the attributes of wisdom, justice, and moderation with reference to government were first mentioned in chapter 4 the Plato"s Republic. In the work, Plato analyzed 4 cardinal "virtues" connected with government: wisdom, courage, moderation, and justice. The is possible that the soldier with drawn sword standing in between two that the pillars was supposed as a symbolic representation of Plato"s 4th virtue­courage. In any type of event, the 1799 law developing the state seal specifically provides that the man with attracted sword represents "the help of the army in defense that the Constitution."

Georgia regulation

The legislation designating the official Georgia state motto is uncovered in the Georgia Code, title 50, thing 3, ar 50.3.30.

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This statute defines the Georgia State Seal. The motto is specified within this description.