Statue of Wayne Gretzky hold the Stanley Cup, Edmonton. (Photo by Colby CoshlicensedCC BY-NC 2.0 )

Ah, the Stanley Cup. The trophy every hockey player dreams of winning and also holding increase high. Exactly how well do you know one that the toughest competitions in sport? uncover out below!

1. Stanley to be a real person


Statue of mr Stanley. (Photo by Michael J license is granted CC BY-NC 2.0)

Did you know the Stanley Cup is called after a person? mr Stanley of Preston was Canada’s sixth governor general from 1888 to 1893.

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Lord Stanley delighted in sports. After he saw his very first hockey game, he and also his household were hooked! His children convinced the there have to be a trophy because that the best team in the country. In 1892, he bought a silver key from a shop in London, England, and donated it.

Lord Stanley want the cup to be dubbed the rule Hockey an obstacle Cup. It was decided the trophy need to be named after him. It’s been well-known as the Stanley Cup ever since.

2. Montreal Canadiens host a Stanley Cup record


The Montreal Canadiens pose for a picture with the Stanley Cup after their 4-1 victory over the Los Angeles kings in 1993. (CP Photo/Frank Gunn)With every breakaway, face off, and saucer pass, NHL teams room all working in the direction of one score — the Stanley Cup. However only one team wins the trophy at the end of the season.

And no team has actually enjoyed more victory laps than the Montreal Canadiens. Lock haven’t won the cup since 1993. However the Canadiens have actually won the most Stanley Cups ever — a chuck 24 times! That’s almost twin the next team, the Toronto Maple Leafs, who’ve winner 13 times.

3. The Canadiens hold another record


The engravings top top the Stanley Cup reflecting all the Montreal Canadien wins. (Photo through Reg Natarajan license is granted CC by 2.0)

Who set the document for the many back-to-back wins that the Stanley Cup? That would be the Montreal Canadiens (again).

From 1956 to1960, the team winner the Stanley Cup five times. This record has never to be equalled or broken.

The new York Islanders come closest. They winner the Stanley Cup 4 times from 1980 to 1983. But that streak was snapped when they shed to the Edmonton Oilers in 1984.

4. There are multiple Stanley Cups


The key of the original Stanley Cup. (Photo by The West Endlicensed CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Over the years, the Stanley Cup has actually changed. It’s lot taller now. Parts of the cup have had actually to be replaced, including the original bowl.

By the so late 1960s, that was becoming fragile and people wanted to store it safe. This distinct bowl was put in the Hockey hall of reputation in Toronto for every fans come enjoy.

A new bowl that looks similar to the initial was made. This is what sit on height of the trophy offered to players today. However that’s not all.

The Stanley Cup travels approximately for different events. So the Hockey hall of Fame decided to do a replica. That method the cup is always on display there, also when the real Stanley Cup is away.

5. The Stanley Cup has actually security guards


The Hockey room of reputation in Toronto. (Photo through Ian Muttoo license is granted CC BY-SA 2.0)

Like celebrities, the Stanley Cup doesn’t travel alone. Where the cup goes, one or more people native the Hockey hall of reputation go with it.

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Part of their job is come act together security. Castle make certain the cup is safe wherever it’s displayed. For all their hard work and care, these human being earned the nickname “Keepers that the Cup.”

6. The Cup is a world traveller


The Stanley Cup visits Yosemite! (Photo by StanleyCupYosemiteVisit license is granted CC by 2.0)

Germany, Russia, Japan — the Stanley Cup has been anywhere the world. That’s because each player native the winning team gets to have the cup because that a complete day. Numerous players take it the cup home and also share it through their family and also friends.

Players need to return the Stanley Cup, however they don’t go away empty-handed. Winners obtain a special ring and a miniature variation of the trophy. Their name and the names of all your teammates room engraved top top it. Score!