I visited Mexico for my birthday and also asked for bizcocho chocolate (a chocolate cake) and they began at me choose I had actually two heads. Due to the fact that bizcocho method cake in Caribbean Latin countries, ns didn"t think anything of it. Transforms out in Mexico i was asking for a piece of cacao vagina.

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Chocha (Puerto Rico)

Only in Latin America walk a word have a double an interpretation like this: either a vagina or a grouchy old person.

La Bomba (Cuba)

This equates to "the bomb." it speaks for itself.

Popola (Dominican Republic)

I inquiry every Dominican ns know, and also no one had a clue wherein this word come from. That sounds favor something a son made up.

Toto (throughout Latin America)

You will never watch The sorcerer’s of Oz the same again.

Papaya (Cuba)

If you slice a papaya in half, it kind of looks favor a vagina. That"s why Cubans passed away laughing at Mitt Romney once he innocently claimed he loves mango, papaya, and also guava.

Cosita (South America)

It method "little thing," which is weird, due to the fact that who refers to their vagina as a "little thing?"

Concha (Central America)

A concha is a shell. This is the Spanish variation of calling that a "clam."

Pupusa (Guatemala and also El Salvador)

Pupusas space corn tortillas stuffed with all sorts of stuff, favor meat, cheese — you name it. This one most likely came up at a dinner as soon as someone make the clever pun: "I hope the pupusas aren"t the just things getting stuffed tonight!"

Perereca (Brazil)

Who in the civilization thought of referring to a woman"s genitalia as a frog? ns can"t.

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