CPR and also defibrillation making use of an AED, if administered come a boy within 3 – 5 minute of a heart failure incident, can prevent his or her sudden death.

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Based on these statistics, it’s straightforward to acknowledge why adults who care for kids should recognize CPR and also become familiar with AEDs and also their consumption on infants and children. Acting easily is an important to saving the priceless life the a child! acting confidently comes with practice. AED Superstore recommends all child and also infant caregivers attend CPR/AED and very first Aid training which has sections on dealing with infants and children.

PLEASE NOTE: these FAQs are informational guides and should not be referenced during an actual emergency. Throughout an emergency offer 1-2 minutes of CPR, call 911, retrieve an AED and also follow the AED’s prompts.

FAQs about CPR and also AED use v infants and also children:

How execute you use a defibrillator on a child?

How does an AED work?

AEDs are designed to analyze a victim’s love rhythm and, if the detects a shockable rhythm, it will prompt the AED operator to administer an electric shock, or that will administer a shock automatically. The heart beats in solution to electrical impulses originating in ~ the love itself. When a love is in fibrillation (quivering fairly than beating normally), utilizing an electrical shock to “throw out” the chaotic electric impulses will enable it to reset itself. To learn an ext about suddenly cardiac arrest and also how an AED attributes to act it, review this short article on the AED Superstore source Center through Dr. S. Joanne Dames.

How does an AED give instructions?

Once activated, either v the press of a switch or just by opening the cover, every AED is programmed to give step-by-step audible instructions because that its use. Every AEDs additionally have intuitive instructions either on the device itself, or ~ above an enclosed card. The electrode pads for both adult and also pediatric use have illustrations top top the packaging and also the electrode pads themselves.

Are AEDs safe to usage on children?

The simple answer is yes, AEDs room safe to usage on everyone. Children, adults, and also infants can all be treated through an AED. The crucial thing to remember as soon as someone is in suddenly cardiac arrest is the AED will not advise or deliver a shock come someone unless their heart is in one of two shockable rhythms. You cannot accidentally shock someone. Children and also infants, however, must be treated through either pediatric electrode pads, or adult electrode pads and a pediatric “key” or attenuator. Inspect your AEDs operator’s hands-on for exactly how to usage your AED through a child or infant.

What dimension AED electrode pads are provided for children?

While the precise size the AED pads for youngsters may vary, some space slightly smaller sized than adult pads to ensure they do not touch when placed on a child. Some pads room the exact same size as adult pads but have an attenuator top top the cord come “dial down” the voltage used to the electrode pads..

What AEDs are ideal for infants (less 보다 1 yr old) and children (1-8 yrs old)?

All AEDs room safe to use with children and infants. Most AEDs use special pediatric electrode pads which provide a lesser shock to a pediatric patient through the use of one attenuator, and one supplies a child/infant “key” and adult electrode pads.

How carry out you acknowledge pediatric electrode pads?

Typically, pediatric electrode pads room in packaging which is a different color, and also the illustrations present a son or infant v the pads placement for each plainly illustrated. If her AED provides a child/infant key, the vital itself will have an illustration ~ above it reflecting placement the the adult AED electrode pads for use on a kid or infant.

How carry out you usage a defibrillator top top a child?

If a child is under the age of eight and/or 55 lbs in weight, an AED equipped with pediatric electrode pads or one infant/child “key”should, ideally, it is in used, although adult electrode pads deserve to be offered if there room no various other options

To use an AED top top an child under one year old:

If the infant doesn’t respond, call 911 and also either retrieve or send someone because that an AED, then continue CPR.When the AED arrives, find the pediatric electrode pads, unplug the adult electrode pads, plug the pediatric pads firmly into the machine, and also press the begin button. If using a child/infant “key”, place the an essential in the slot and press the power button.Listen closely to the linguistic instructions and also follow them. In a usual AED usage scenario, the AED will certainly advise girlfriend to:Apply the electrode pads to the patient’s ceiling chest. Because that infants, you need to adhere one pediatric (or adult) electrode pad come the center of the infant’s chest, and also one electrode pad come the infant’s back between the shoulder blades. The electrode pad packaging and also the electrode pads us will have actually an illustration to present placement.Not touch the patience so the AED have the right to analyze the baby’s heartbeat.If a shock is advised, the AED will certainly advise girlfriend to no touch the patient and also push the AED’s shock button.You will certainly then be triggered to continue CPR and/or offer shocks as necessary until EMS arrives.

To usage an AED ~ above a child under 8 years old and/or less than 55 lbs:

If the kid doesn’t respond, contact 911 and retrieve or send someone for an AED, then proceed CPR.When the AED arrives, situate the pediatric electrode pads, plug the pediatric pads firmly right into the machine, and also press the start button. If making use of a child/infant “key”, ar the key in the slot and also press the power button.Listen carefully to the verbal instructions and follow them.In a typical AED use scenario, the AED will advise girlfriend to:Apply the electrode pads come the patient’s ceiling chest. For a child with a chest huge enough come accommodate the pads without touching each other, you must adhere one pediatric (or adult) electrode pad to the upper right area the the chest and the various other to the lower left side. The electrode pad packaging and the electrode pads us will have an illustration to display placement.Not touch the patience so the AED have the right to analyze the child’s heartbeat.IF a shock is advised, the AED will advise girlfriend to not touch the patient and also press the AED’s shock button.You will then be motivated to proceed CPR and/or give shocks as essential until EMS arrives..

How is CPR carry out on a kid or infant in addition to the use of an AED?

Child and Infant CPR is various than adult CPR – taking an AHA authorized CPR/AED certification course which has infant/child and choking an initial aid will give you manual practice with as necessary sized and also calibrated manikins so you will have the confidence to act easily when needed. While there has actually been a large push for “hands-only” CPR for teens and also adults recently, the 2015 American love Association CPR accuse still advise 2 breaths for every 30 compressions in children and also infants. Compress the chest about one-third the the child’s torso depth utilizing the heel of your palm for children or your first two fingers for infants.

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April 23, 2018

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June 16, 2018 at 7:37 am, Al clinton said:

Can girlfriend usrme one aed top top a pregnant women in her an initial or second trimester?



June 18, 2018 in ~ 7:25 am, AED Superstore said:

Thank friend for her question, Al. You can absolutely usage an AED top top a mrs at any type of stage of pregnancy. It’s crucial to remember who in suddenly cardiac arrest will not make it through unless CPR is performed and also an AED is used. In 2015 the American heart Association authorize a explain outlining the procedures to take in the resuscitation that a pregnant mrs in sudden cardiac arrest. The key points are to monitor the chain of survive by phone call 911 and also mentioning the patient is pregnant (so EMS space prepared and also the receiving hospital can be all set to perform an emergency c-section if necessary) if you are aware of the pregnancy. Who in the an initial or 2nd trimester might not appear obviously pregnant. If the patient is restored before EMS arrives, place her on her left next in the recovery position to increase blood circulation to the fetus.

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June 28, 2018 in ~ 10:08 am, suddenly Cardiac Arrest and also AED use in pregnancy - AED Superstore Blog said:

<…> FAQ: AED use on Infants and also Children <…>



November 06, 2019 in ~ 1:34 pm, Eileen Benson said:

It was useful when you said that one AEDs hands-on should provide information around how to use it appropriately on children or infants. Lately I’ve been reasoning a lot about how buying an AED would aid me feel ready in instance a clinical emergency arises in mine home. I desire to say many thanks for share this article and teaching me just how to use an AED appropriately on civilization of every ages.



October 19, 2020 at 5:32 pm, Domonique said:

If there space no pediatric pads easily accessible can you use adult pads top top a boy under 55lbs?



October 20, 2020 at 7:53 am, AED Superstore said:

Hello Domonique. Say thanks to you for her question. If there are no pediatric pads obtainable during the rescue that a kid under 55 lbs, adult pads can be supplied in the pediatric position – one pad ~ above the chest and also one top top the back – therefore the pads perform not touch. When this is no the ideal scenario, that is better than law nothing at all. If you have the possibility of a tiny child going right into cardiac arrest where your AED is located, the is finest to have actually pediatric pads available.


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