If your work involves applying the same form of formatting to data sets, using format Painter in Excel will save you a many time.

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What is Excel style Painter?

Excel format Painter is a nifty tool that enables you to copy formatting indigenous a selection of cells and paste it somewhere else in the worksheet (or other worksheets/workbooks).


You acquire plain ugly data from a colleague, and also you invest the next few minutes applying some formatting to do it beautiful. This may include using borders, formatting the headers, adjusting column widths, removed gridlines, etc.

And when you’re patting your back for transforming ugly data into a beautiful one, you acquire another file that needs to it is in formatted the very same way.

This is wherein Excel layout Painter comes right into the picture and saves you a lot of time.

You deserve to now quickly copy the formatting friend had already done, and paste it into the brand-new dataset.

And woosh.. It will get transformed into the very same formatted data wherein you did whatever manually.

How to Use layout Painter in Excel?

Let’s understand style Painter in Excel utilizing a straightforward example.

Suppose I have actually a cabinet (B2 as presented below) and I want to copy the formatting from it to cell D2.


Here room the steps to copy formatting using format Painter in Excel:

choose the cell(s) from which you desire to copy the formatting. Go to the house Tab –> Clipboard –> format Painter.
select the cell whereby you desire to copy the formatting.

Instantly, the formatting from cabinet B2 would be replicated to cell D2 (as displayed below).


Note that when you click on the layout Painter icon in the ribbon, the cursor changes and you have the right to see a brush in it. This indicates that the style painter is active.

Here is what every is duplicated by style painter in this over example:

Cell color Number formatting (note the $ sign and the two decimals). Border.

Format artist only copies the formatting and not the worth in the cell.

You deserve to use style painter in Excel to:

Copy formatting indigenous thesame worksheet. Copy formatting to some various other worksheet in the exact same workbook. Copy formatting come some other workbook.

Using style Painter in Excel – Examples

Let’s dive in to check out some examples of using format Painter in Excel.

Example 1 – adding formatting for an extended Dataset

Suppose you have a dataset v existing formatting and you include a new column come this data set.

You have the right to use style painter come instantly use the exact same formatting that is used in the existing data collection (as presented below).


Example 2 – copying Conditional Formatting using format Painter

One of mine favorite uses of style Painter is to copy conditional formatting.

Since conditional formatting allows you come specify multiple rule on the same data set, doing the again for various data sets can be time-consuming.

For example, suppose you have a dataset as displayed below, whereby student’s marks are highlighted in red if it is less than 35 and also in green if more than 80.


Now, if I add a new column with marks in a brand-new subject (Physics), rather of applying the conditional formatting again, I have the right to simply use the format Painter come copy the cell formatting as well as conditional formatting rules.


Example 3 – Copying shape Formatting

Using layout Painter, you can also quickly copy formatting indigenous shapes and paste that to various other shapes.

Here space the procedures to copy formatting indigenous the shape and also paste the to an additional using style painter in Excel:

choose the shape from i m sorry you desire to copy the formatting. Go to the residence tab and also within the Clipboard group, click Format Painter. Click on the shape where you desire to copy the formatting.


Keeping the style Painter energetic (to reuse that multiple times)

In part cases, you may want to copy the formatting indigenous a range of cells and paste it come a non-contiguous selection of cells. These can be ~ above the very same worksheet or different worksheets/workbooks.

When you click on the style Painter symbol in the house tab, it permits you to copy and also paste the formatting just once.

To copy and also paste the formatting many times, you should double-click on the style Painter icon. This will permit you to copy native a selection of cells and also paste the formatting multiple times (until friend disable the style Painter).

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To disable it, simply click on the format Painter symbol again or struggle the escape key.