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A thin plastic board used to host electronic components (transistors, resistors, chips, etc.) that room wired together. Provided to construct prototypes of digital circuits, breadboards have the right to be reused because that future jobs. They have the right to be used to create one-of-a-kind systems however rarely become commercial products. See printed circuit board.

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The breadboard has spring clip contacts generally arranged in matrices with particular blocks of clips currently wired together. The components and also jump wires (assorted wire lengths v pins at both ends) are plugged into the clips to create the circuit patterns. The boards also typically encompass metal strips follow me the side that are supplied for typical power rails and also signal buses.

In this breadboard, both components and jump wires plug right into the top. (Image courtesy that 3M Company.)

In this prototype that the first IBM pc motherboard, the materials are plugged right into the breadboard (top) and also wired with each other underneath (bottom). ~ the circuits were thoroughly tested, the wires were turned right into printed circuits top top the final product. Watch IBM PC. (Images courtesy of IBM.)


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