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How plenty of digits deserve to latitude and also longitude have, prior to the decimal, and after the decimal?

Here is an instance I am gaining from the ar sent through a windows Phone device:

Latitude=-63572375290155Longitude=106744840359415This is really long and also is exceeding my table pillar size and causes errors.



If the latitude coordinate is reported as -6.3572375290155 or -63.572375290155 in decimal degrees then you could round-off and also store up to 6 decimal places for 10 cm (or 0.1 meters) precision. If the coordinate reference system (CRS) is not EPSG:4326 (e.g., EPSG:3857) then the x and also y values measure a street in meter from the origin point rather 보다 in degrees.


The valid selection of latitude in degrees is -90 and also +90 because that the southern and also northern hemisphere, respectively. Longitude is in the selection -180 and also +180 specifying works with west and also east the the prime Meridian, respectively. This selection is defined in theFor reference, the Equator has a latitude the 0°, the phibìc pole has actually a latitude the 90° phibìc (written 90° N or +90°), and the south pole has actually a latitude that -90°.

The prime Meridian has a longitude the 0° that goes v Greenwich, England. The International day Line (IDL) roughly follows the 180° longitude. A longitude v a optimistic value drops in the east hemisphere and the negative value drops in the west hemisphere.

Decimal levels precision

Six (6) decimal places precision in works with using decimal levels notation is at a 10 centimeter (or 0.1 meters) resolution. Every .000001 difference in name: coordinates decimal level is around 10 centimeter in length. Because that example, the imagery the Google Earth and Google Maps is generally at the 1-meter resolution, and also some places have a higher resolution the 1 customs per pixel. One meter resolution have the right to be stood for using 5 decimal areas so much more than 6 decimal places are extraneous for that resolution. The distance in between longitudes in ~ the equator is the exact same as latitude, but the distance in between longitudes get zero at the poles as the lines of meridian converge at the point.

For millimeter (mm) precision then stand for lat/lon through 8 decimal areas in decimal degrees format. Since most applications don"t require that level of precision 6 decimal areas is enough for many cases.

In the other direction, totality decimal degrees represent a street of ~111 kilometres (or 60 nautical miles) and a 0.1 decimal degree difference represents a ~11 km distance.

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Here is a table that # decimal places distinction in latitude through the delta degrees and the approximated distance in meters using 0,0 together the beginning point.

Decimal placesDecimal degreesDistance (meters)
01.0110,574.3111 km
10.111,057.4311 km
20.011,105.741 km
60.0000010.1111 cm
70.00000010.011 cm
80.000000010.0011 mm

Degrees-minute-second (DMS) representation


0° 0" 0" W, 0° 0" 0" N ⟹ 0° 0" 0" W, 0° 0" 1" N ⟹ 30.715 meters0° 0" 0" W, 0° 0" 0" N ⟹ 0° 0" 0" W, 0° 0" 0.1" N ⟹ 3.0715 meters

1 arc minute = 1/60 level = ~2000m (2km)