LIVER is the biggest gland in person body. The is an exocrine gland and also an endocrine gland.

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The liver is large, reddish-brown organ that lied on the appropriate side the the abdomen weighing about 1.5 - 1.6 kg .The liver is an exocrine gland that secretes bile right into the intestine is also an endocrine gland and a blood filter.

several of the vital functions that liver incorporate secretion that bile juices because that decomposition that lipids & vitamins, ready of proteins for blood plasma that enables blood coagulation and also detoxification.

features of liver are:

Carries out metabolism of proteins, fats and also carbohydrates and produces and also excretes bile it is responsible come excrete cholesterol, bilirubin, drugs and hormones and to activate enzyme It shop vitamins, minerals and also glycogen it is responsible come synthesize plasma proteins namely albumin and clotting determinants it detoxifies the blood and purifies it.

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