A web page break is crucial feature the the page layout that helps friend to add a brand-new page in the document. Typically, a page break is provided when we are writing a longer record like a task report, thesis, or research study papers. The key purpose of web page break is to break longer files into a collection of distinctive chapters.

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Types of web page break

In Microsoft Word, there space three varieties of page break the you can add to your paper ?

1. Basic Page Break

Simple page break is the most typically used web page break in a word document. The is used to note the point at i m sorry a web page ends and also a new page begins.

2. Obelisk Break

Column break is offered to divide a file into columns without losing your native formatting. You can use a obelisk break once you have actually multiple columns in your document.

3. Text Wrapping Break

Text wrapping web page break is provided when the paper contains pictures.

Add page break in Word

In Microsoft Word, a web page break is automatically added when your contents does no fit top top the page.

There space the following easiest approaches that you have the right to use to include page break in word ?

Method 1: utilizing the key-board shortcut key

In a indigenous document, friend can add page break utilizing the key-board shortcut key CTRL + Enter.

Place the cursor on the word document. Push the CTRL + Enter vital to use a page break come the document.


Method 2: using Insert Tab

To add page break in her document, simply follow the listed below steps ?

Step 1: place the cursor where you desire to include a page break to words document.

Step 2: click on the Insert Tab on the Ribbon.

Step 3: click on the web page Break button in the Pages section.


The listed below screenshot reflects that a web page break is added in the word document.


Method 3: Using page Layout Tab

Follow the listed below steps to include page break in native ?

Step 1: go to the Page Layout tab ~ above the Ribbon.

Step 2: click on the Breaks option in the page Setup section.


Step 3: A Page Breaks menu appears on the screen. Choose page rest according to her requirement.


The listed below screenshot mirrors that page break is included in a indigenous document.


Remove page break native Word document

In Microsoft Word, us can"t remove web page break manually.

Method 1: Remove web page break making use of Delete Key

Follow the listed below easiest procedures to remove web page break using Delete vital ?

Step 1: open your native document.

Step 2: walk to the Home tab on the Ribbon. Click the Show and Hide switch in the Paragraph section.


Step 3: once you click the show/hide button, the complying with screen appears on the screen.


Step 4: location the cursor in ~ the center of page Break text and double click on it to pick it.


Step 5: press Delete key indigenous the keyboard.

Method 2: utilizing Find and Replace Window

Step 1: open the native document.

Step 2: press the Ctrl + H an essential from the keyboard, a Find and Replace window appears top top the screen. Click the More button at the bottom the the screen.

Step 3: walk to the Replace tab. Click a Special tab, a perform of alternatives appears ~ above the screen in which click the Manual web page Break, as displayed in the listed below screenshot.

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Step 4: In find what text box, ^m prize appears. Click on the Replace All button.