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Cross section of a neutron star, one of the most difficult objects in the universe.NASA/Wikimedia Commons

These ultra-compact supernova remnants measure just 6 to 12 miles in diameter (about the size of a small city) but have the fixed of 1.5 suns. That makes them one of the weightiest objects in the universe. As Andrew Melatos, a professor in ~ the university of Melbourne’s college of Physics, notes: "A teaspoon of spirit star would certainly weigh roughly a billion tons." That’s identical to the load of 3,000 realm State Buildings.

1. PSR J1614-2230. Situated 3,000 light-years away, this jumbo-sized ghost star has a massive of 2 suns packed right into a room the dimension of center-city London. PSR J1614-2230 is a pulsar, a rapidly spinning neutron star that emits beams that electromagnetic radiation that sweep about the sky favor a lighthouse beacon. This one spins around 317 times a second. Many neutron stars are thought to start out as pulsars yet eventually slow-moving down and stop create radio waves. PSR J164-2230 has actually an orbiting companion, a white dwarf star formed after the please of a low-mass star less than 10 time the massive of ours sun.

2. PSR J0348+0432. Simply 12 mile across, this similar neutron star is also a pulsar with the massive of two suns and has an orbiting white dwarf companion.

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Scientists recently trained your eyes on a collision of 2 neutron stars located 130 million light-years away in the galaxy NGC 4993. The smash-up, referred to as a kilonova, to be observed in august 2017 and also may have actually resulted in a hyper-massive ghost star (perhaps the best one ever before observed) or a black color hole.