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I had actually a keolistravelservices.com girlfriend who once told me that there are countless words because that love when in English, there is only one word, love.Can you tell me what she meant?



People who learn a foreign language regularly only find out a small part of it contrasted to the entirety language. This leader them to conclusions like:

My language is complicated and adaptable but your language is rigid and basic.

They might additionally think what her friend thought; they knew a dozen different keolistravelservices.com words for love (because it"s their native language), yet only one in English. This led them come the false conclusion the keolistravelservices.com should have more words for love end all.


to love can be offered in many contexts when lieben cannot. Both median a very solid positive emotion the leads to a type of inside bonding (that have the right to be unilateral). The use of lieben is generally restricted to persons or pets if one"s talk about them, however only to partners in love if one"s talk to them.

For partners:

I love mine husband. - Ich liebe meinen Mann. I love you, darling. - Ich liebe dich, Schatz.

Family members:

I love my father. - Ich liebe meinen Vater. / Ich mag ihn sehr. / Ich habe ihn sehr lieb. Ns love you, dad. - Ich habe dich lieb, Papa.


She loves she dog. - Sie liebt den Hund / Sie hängt sehr an dem Hund. Ns love you, Fido. - Ich habe dich lieb, Fido.


I love playing soccer. - Ich spiele sehr gerne Fußball.


I love pizza. - Ich mag Pizza sehr gerne. / Ich stehe auf Pizza.

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Note: intake is an altering right now. That could be as result of the large influence English has on keolistravelservices.com at the moment. You have the right to hear i.e. Ich liebe Pizza more and much more frequently.

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There is only one word because that the noun love noun, specific Liebe.

She meant possibly that for the verb to love, there can be some various other keolistravelservices.com verb which have the right to be provided as translation. She didin"t realized, the to love in English, likewise has many functions.

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