4 x 12 ------Is there a certain term for the "top" number? other than first or optimal of course.

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EDIT: ns would review the over as "four time 12"


Depending on just how one interprets the vertical notation (is the twelve times four or 4 times twelve?) it deserve to be either the multiplier or the multiplicand; and also the solution is termed the product.


I would speak to it the an initial factor. In this specific example, we have actually two factors (4 and also 12). Your product gift 48.


It"s the multiplier.

The vertical style can only be taken into consideration equivalent to 4 × 12 because while multiplication is commutative and hence 4 × 12 is the exact same as 12 × 4, subtraction is not and when composing the subtraction 12 - 4 in vertical form we put the 4 in ~ the bottom.

Hence the optimal number in this format must be thought about the multiplier, and also the second must be thought about the multiplicand.


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