Podophobia, or the are afraid of feet, has actually no scientific explanation and also is normally ridiculed or taken into consideration irrational by the basic public. How typical is this phobia, and also what are the means of taking care of it? permit us shot to find out the very same in this Buzzle article.

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Podophobia, or the are afraid of feet, has actually no scientific explanation and also is commonly ridiculed or taken into consideration irrational by the general public. How typical is this phobia, and also what room the means of managing it? allow us shot to uncover out the very same in this Buzzle article.

Did friend Know?

Sean P. Diddy, the famed rap star, is scared of toes, specifically if the center toe is much longer than the large toe. Follow to him, once on a date, the is mandatory for him to watch his date’s feet, and especially her middle toe.

We all have actually our fears and anxieties, part fears may be common and rational, when some might seem unreasonable and also even weird. To many of us, the fear of feet or podophobia can sound strange; however, this phobia does exist, and also is much more common than you may have anticipated. The word podophobia is acquired from 2 Greek words, ‘podos‘, an interpretation feet, and also ‘phobos‘ meaning fear. Human being with podophobia often tend to obtain really upset and offended in ~ the vision of feet. In too much cases, people are no comfortable to also look at their very own feet, and also that’s why some human being prefer put on socks, also while acquisition a shower. Different civilization experience this phobia differently, some world cringe when they also see images of feet, part don’t choose to see other people’s feet, or once somebody tries to touch your feet. Some space anxious and also nervous once somebody talks around feet.

It has actually been proclaimed that this phobia, if left untreated, can come to be extremely illogical, and can impact a person’s mental well-being. The are afraid can have actually several side impacts like many people don’t wear sandals, or choose wearing socks every the time, and also they stop visiting shoes stores. Individuals who confront this phobia execute not like the sight of feet, or the touch or feel of feet, due to the fact that they uncover feet disgusting and gross.

In the following sections, we will certainly learn around the causes, symptoms, and treatment alternatives for podophobia.

Why do Some civilization Fear Feet?

There has actually been very tiny research around this emotional condition; nevertheless, podophobics (people experiencing from podophobia) deserve to relate to many such incidents, which actually reasons distress and anxiety, and also that’s just how they emerged this fear. As is the instance with all various other phobias, this phobia find its roots and causes in part childhood trauma concerning feet, or maybe, some an adverse experience in the past, i beg your pardon may have actually helped motivated this are afraid in the individual’s mind. Because that a 3rd person, these reasons could be silly or dumb, yet it in reality affects the person suffering indigenous it to a good extent.

Some experts believe that it may be inherited or have hereditary causes. People who have tendency to be too many anxious, or are very strung, might possibly obtain podophobia.

Signs and also Symptoms

Podophobia often tends to persist for much longer periods, and the sufferer might experience plenty of physical or emotional symptoms. Castle are mindful that feet are not dangerous and also can in no way harm them, but they are absolutely powerless to overcome their fear. The following are the signs and symptoms knowledgeable by a podophobe.

✦ Shortness that breath in ~ the sight of or thought of feet.✦ increased heartbeat✦ too much anxiety issues✦ body trembling✦ Refuse to discuss feet or even topics regarded them.✦ sweating profusely✦ Dizziness✦ Nausea✦ extending their feet or requesting others to cover your feet.✦ are afraid of other civilization touching your feet✦ panic attacks✦ feeling petrified in ~ the vision of feet, even on television.

These are some physiological symptoms the podophobia brings about. The symptoms and also their intensity differ from person to person. The phobic individual may withdraw native his surrounding, because it affects his social life and also relationships profoundly.

How to make a Podophobe Comfortable

✦ perform not, in any case, remove your socks roughly him/her.✦ perform not wave your feet in your face, he might take offensive, and in severe case might turn aggressive or violent.✦ Make sure to cover her feet, or relocate your legs away, if you sit as well as them.✦ Don’t clip her toenails in prior of him, it might creep him out also more.✦ Don’t discuss topics about feet in prior of him, or with him.Try to recognize the individual’s situation, and help him/her conquer his fear patiently, by gift considerate.

How to overcome the are afraid of Feet

In most cases, because the fear of feet is likely to hamper a podophobe’s daily routine, to eliminate their fear, hopeful thinking or facing up come their fear can work. Though, this may require continual effort and also patience. In rare, extreme cases, seek medical aid is beneficial. Come summarize, the treatment approach includes the following:

1. Miscellaneous TherapiesTo remove the fear, you may need to dig deeper to get to the root cause of the phobia. This deserve to be done with cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, counseling, hypnotherapy, experienced advice, self-help books, or the mix of the above. Medication and meditation are additionally considered come be reliable in reducing panic attacks and other anxiety troubles caused due to podophobia.

2. Systematic DesensitizationAnother effective technique is as soon as therapists shot to slowly and gradually sway patients to open up and also face your fear. They may start v talking and also interacting with the individual, this way, lock can quickly understand the individual’s fear and problems, and also this help to find out the root cause of the fear. The therapists start mirroring the patience pictures about feet, it is in it ~ above television, magazines, etc., note his/her reaction, and try to patience him/her down. This is followed by progressive exposure come the sight and touch of his and also other people’s feet. Podophobics are also encouraged to go for pedicures, together this might aid them to acquire over their feet phobia.

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It’s simply like any type of other phobia, and, need to be definitely respected. Girlfriend wouldn’t litter a cockroach on someone with katsaridaphobia (fear of roaches), or make someone sit in the dark if they have actually nyctophobia (fear of the dark), shot to respect their situation and also be considerate You deserve to overcome podophobia, or assist your friends or household with patience and also positive thoughts.