Many human being search for shoelace “tips” or “ends” to learn the name of the plastic or metal bits in ~ the ends of the laces.They"re dubbed “aglets”, and also you can learn much more about them here – including exactly how to do them.

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Aglet Information

What is an “aglet”?

An “aglet” (sometimes spelt “aiglet”) is the name given to the plastic or steel tip ~ above the finish of a shoelace.Despite your simplicity, aglets carry out several functions:

They protect against the end of the shoelaces native unravelling; They do it easier to hold the end of the shoelaces once lacing; They do it easier to object the shoelaces v the eyelets or lugs; They may also administer a colorful or decorative end up to the laces.

Because words “aglet” is not well known, it renders a renowned question top top trivia quizzes and crossword puzzles. If youwere one of those human being searching for the surname for the reminder of a shoelace, you have your answer. If you"d prefer to learnmore around aglets, read on!

Where go “aglet” originate?


The word “aglet” (or “aiglet”) originates indigenous Old French “aguillette” (or “aiguillette”), i beg your pardon is the diminutive of“aguille” (or “aiguille”), an interpretation “needle”. This in turn originates from the initial Latin word for needle: “acus”. Hence,an “aglet” is like a quick “needle” at the end of a shoelace.

NOTE: The name “aglet” has additionally been offered to a class of Java programs, and also in the contextoriginates from combine the indigenous “agent” & “applet”.

Aglet production Processes

Metal aglet process


In the past, most aglets were made of metal, and were created by one of two people rolling or crimping a tiny strip of steel directlyonto the shoelace. The photograph at right mirrors an antique aglet tool that would certainly likely have actually been supplied by a shoe repairer.

In current years, metal aglets have actually seen a resurgence, bringing some “bling” back to shoelaces. These room usually attachedin the manufacturing facility by one of two people gluing or crimping.

Plastic tape aglet process


Nowadays, many aglets room made that plastic, and are formed straight onto the life shoelace utilizing a large, expensive “shoelacetipping” maker (as pictured at right).

A usual plastic aglet starts with acetate tape, twice the broad of the compelled aglet, i beg your pardon is wrapped roughly a sectionof the uncut shoelace. Very closely controlled warm – and often a solvent such as acetone – is applied at the same time, whichjust melts the tape directly onto the shoelace as well as bonding the tape top top itself.

When cooled, the wrapped section of shoelace is cut through the middle, leaving half of the plunder on each side the the cut.This solitary operation creates 2 aglets: One attached come the end of the cutoff section of shoelace, the other attached tothe begin of the next uncut section of shoelace.

Molded guideline aglet process


For polyester shoelaces, there is also another completely different process where the end is clamped and blasted withultrasonic frequency. This vibrates the fibers until they “melt” together, developing a heavy molded guideline from the actualshoelace material itself.

Shoelaces with ultrasonically molded aglets are frequently used for ice hockey skates because they have no separate plastic ormetal piece that can end up being damaged and fall off onto the ice.

D.I.Y. Aglet process


For those prefer myself ~ above a budget, or because that whom a one-off fix or replacement of an aglet doesn"t justification the acquisition ofsome expensive devices or equipment, watch my Aglet repair section, which includes several different D.I.Y. Tutorials for creating home-made aglets.

I just wanted to know if you ever before saw the children"s Disney cartoon show Phineas and also Ferb. There"s one episode referred to as “Tipof the Day” (see excerpt)which centers ~ above the lack of public expertise of words “aglet” and there"s even a song about the aglet. I figured youmight gain a kick out of it.

– Jeff, new Jersey, USA, Jul-2009

Another necessary use for aglets is that parrots enjoy removing them. I imagine various other birds also do, despite I"ve nopersonal endure with them. Parrots additionally enjoy trying to remove your shoelaces (many gain undoing knots).

You"ve probably not stopped to wonder how a feather gets pushed, versus its grain, through a sharp in a birds skin. Theygrow coated through a waxy coating remarkably like an aglet. Birds are offered to removing feather sheaths from your ownfeathers (and every other"s head feathers). To them, an aglet is just a stubborn feather sheath that obviously requirements tocome off.

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– Bruce M., Jun-2008

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