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LakeErie Facts

Elevation:571 ft. Above sea level MaximumDepth: 210 feet

Length:210 miles Max. Width:57 miles Volume: 116cubic miles

12th-largest(area) lake in the world

GEOLOGICAL The lake was gouged the end by glacial ice in between 1 million and 12,600 year ago. That was one of the first Great Lakes to it is in uncovered during the critical retreat that the glacial ice. The earliest rocks indigenous which the Lake Erie container was sculpted are around 400 million years old and also formed in a tropical ocean-reef environment. Lake Erie and its coast are a major source of many minerals. The biggest sandstone quarry in the people is situated in Amherst, Lorain County, Ohio. Salt mines in Cuyahoga and Lake Counties expand out under Lake Erie and are an important source the revenue to the State. Sand, gypsum, and limestone supplied for building and construction purposes are uncovered in abundance. Huge reserves of herbal gas, over 3 sunshine cubic feet, are situated under Lake Erie.PHYSICAL Lake Erie is the 12th-largest (area) lake in the world, and also its border consists of four says (NY, PA, OH, MI) and also one Canadian district (Ontario). Lake Erie is the southernmost, shallowest, warmest, and most biologically fertile of the five good Lakes. Lake Erie has three basins: the western basin includes the archipelago area, the central basin extends from the archipelago to Erie, PA, and also Long Point, Canada, and the eastern container extends from Erie, PA, come the eastern end of the lake. Lake Erie is around 210 mile (338 km) long, about 57 mile (92 km) wide, and has a shoreline length of about 871 mile (1,400 km). The maximum depth is 210 feet (64 m). Average depths in the basins are: western, 24 feet (7.3 m); central, 60 feet (18.3 m); and also eastern, 80 feet (24.4 m). The water surface area is 9,906 square miles (25,657 sq. Km) and also the volume is 116 cubic miles (483 cu. Km). Lake Erie"s drainage basin area is 22,720 square miles (58,800 sq. Km) and has a retention/replacement time the 2.6 years, i beg your pardon is the shortest the the an excellent Lakes. Water circulation from the Detroit River provides up 80 come 90% of the circulation into the lake. The outlet for Lake Erie is the Niagara River; consequently, it is Lake Erie the feeds water come Niagara Falls. Container rainfall is about 34 inches every year, back the historical trend is enhancing slightly. About 34 inch of water evaporates native the lake surface ar per year. Key of the low Water Datum (chart "0") is 568.6 feet over Father Point, Quebec. Median water key is about 570 feet above the exact same point.HISTORIC The lake to be the last of the good Lakes to be discovered by Europeans, through Louis Joliet (a French explorer) in 1669. French cases to the lake were delivered to England as a result of the 1754-63 French and Indian Wars. In 1796, Connecticut gave up its case to the west Reserve lands, which then allowed settlement of what is currently northeastern Ohio. The renowned quotation "We have met the enemy and also they room ours," was made by Oliver Hazzard Perry throughout the fight of Lake Erie in the battle of 1812, which secured the south shore the the lake because that the U.S.

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Fishing More fish are created each year for human consumption native Lake Erie than from the other four good Lakes merged -- Lakes Huron, Michigan Ontario and Superior. The western finish of Lake Erie is the "Walleye resources of the World," producing an ext walleye per hectare than any other lake in the world. In 1981 Ohio sport fishermen spent end 13 million man-hours fishing ~ above Lake Erie. Yearly Ohio sport fishermen record over 25 million fish on Lake Erie. Thin the watershed is intensive, and a an excellent variety that fruits, grains, and also cash plants are grown.