From an check of the displacement of the soil surfacewhich attach the 1906, Henry Fielding Reid,Professor of Geology at Johns Hopkins University, concludedthat the must have affiliated an "elastic rebound"of formerly stored elastic stress.

If a extended rubber band is damaged or cut, elastic energystored in the rubber band throughout the stretching will suddenlybe released. Similarly, the tardy of the earth can graduallystore elastic tension that is exit suddenly during an

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This gradual buildup and release of stress and also strainis currently referred to together the "elastic cant theory" that keolistravelservices.coms.Most keolistravelservices.coms room the an outcome of the sudden elastic reboundof previously stored energy.

The complying with diagram illustrates the process.Start in ~ the bottom. A straight fence is developed acrossthe san Andreas fault. Together the Pacific plate movesnorthwest, it progressively distorts the fence. Justbefore an, the fence has an "S" shape.When the wake up the distortion is releasedand the two parts of the fence room again straight;but currently there is an offset.

This diagram substantially exaggerates the distortion.Actually, the distortion is spread over numerous milesand have the right to only be viewed with an accurate instrumentation(e.g. GPS).



This picture, taken near Bolinas in Marin county by G.K. Gilbert, mirrors a fence the was offset around 8.5 feet follow me the trace of the fault (from Steinbrugge collection of the UC Berkeley engineering Research Center).

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For an ext details see:

Reid, H.F., The Mechanics the the, The of April 18, 1906, Report that the State InvestigationCommission, Vol.2, Carnegie institution of Washington,Washington, D.C. 1910 (see particularly pages 16-28).

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