Ready to choose your wedding party? It"s vital to know the difference in between a maid that honor and a matron the honor and how you have the right to incorporate these roles right into your crew.

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Before you can even start choosing your wedding party members, you’ll need to understand what every the different roles mean. And also one of many confusing questions is the difference between a maid of respect vs. A matron that honor. If you have actually lots of nearby friends and family members, you may want to take into consideration incorporating both that these functions in your wedding party. However is that actually appropriate, etiquette-wise?

Here’s everything you should know about the maid of honor vs. Matron the honor duties so you have the right to actually choose your wedding party!

What’s the difference in between a maid of honor vs. A matron the honor?

It’s really easy—a matron of respect is a head bridesmaid that happens to be married, while a maid of respect is unmarried. In both cases, these duties are thought about leaders that the bridesmaids, meaning it’s an extra-special honor regularly bestowed ~ above the bride’s sister, various other close relative, or finest friend. And also remember, a maid or matron of honor doesn’t have to be a woman—we’ve watched plenty of weddings with men of honor, too!

Can I have actually both a maid that honor and a matron of honor?

Yes, you entirely can! though it works particularly well if you’re having a bigger wedding party, friend can definitely have both a maid that honor and also a matron of respect in her crew. In fact, if you want to have more than one maid of honor and/or matron of honor, that’s fine, too. Your wedding party need to reflect her relationships v your love ones—don’t be fear to break v tradition and do what renders you happy!

What room their responsibilities?

A maid that honor and also matron of honor have a most duties to handle—and there’s no difference in between the work of a maid of honor and those of a matron the honor. Not just do they offer as leader of the bridesmaids, they also have come plan and host the bachelorette party and shower, assist the bride v pre-wedding projects and tasks, provide a speech throughout the reception, and also much more!

If you have two (or more!) “head bridesmaids” you’ll need to divvy up these jobs. It all counts on the strengths and availability of your maid that honor and also matron that honor. Maybe your maid of honor can plan the bachelorette party, while your matron of respect plans the shower. Or probably your matron of honor handles the party plan while your maid the honor can be existing for dress shopping or various other wedding-related projects. Talk to her maid of honor and also matron of honor to identify the work that every feels an ext comfortable tackling. Her head bridesmaids will most likely be thrilled that they can divide increase the responsibilities—less press for everyone!

Do my maid that honor and matron of honor wear the very same thing?

They certainly can, but some couples like to have actually their maid of respect and/or matron of respect stand out from the remainder of the bridesmaids. Her maid of honor and also matron that honor deserve to wear different dresses (or dresses in various colors or patterns) than the remainder of the crew, bring different bouquets, or also wear a distinctive accessory, favor a headband or sash.

When do my maid of honor and matron of honor walk down the aisle?

Traditionally, the maid of respect or matron of respect is the last human to walk down the aisle before the bride. Occasionally she walks in a pair with the ideal man, or occasionally by herself.

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If you’re having both a maid that honor and a matron that honor, you can have lock walk down the aisle together, in a trio through the best man, or separately. You’ll additionally need to decide that stands closest come the bride at the altar—there’s no rules around this, so base your decision on her relationships v your maid and also matron the honor.