Whether you’re just entering ‘that wax life,’ or you want to increase your product knowledge, it’s necessary to recognize the difference in between soft wax and hard wax. Together you know, different wax formulas serve a selection of purposes, and in the end, we want to be able to meet any type of need that may walk-in our way. That’s why it’s crucial to know the ins and also outs of i m sorry wax formulas will work ideal for each skin, hair, and also service type, if continually mastering brand-new waxing products. 

In this article, we check out whether hard wax or soft wax will be the best for you. Us talk about each of their characteristics and also which service species they work finest on. So, read on because that a bit of wax 101 and also know an ext about the difference in between hard and soft wax hair removal. 

Why girlfriend should recognize the difference in between hard wax vs. Soft wax.

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It seems like it might be simpler to store one wax form brewing for every service—and you will do be right. It is less complicated to use one-wax-type-fits every approach and call the a day, yet it doesn’t give you a foot up on the client experience. Knowing the difference between soft wax and also hard wax is simply a small component of waxing, however providing, or at the very least being an professional in both difficult or soft wax, provides the complying with benefits: 

The much more you know about as numerous formulas together possible, the much more it deserve to position you as an can be fried wax authority.It offers your clients v a an ext tailor-made suffer for their assorted needs.Mastering both wax species and different formulas help you step out of your comfort zone come continually difficulty yourself.  

The finest waxers understand their wax recipe from the inside out. They understand the wax perscritipn to meet any type of situation the comes right into their salon. They know their melting points, consistencies and also every removed technique. Understanding the type of wax come use, the right temperature to use it at, and how to apply it in ~ the right moment to develop the perfect wax session can meet each client’s details needs.

Hard wax vs. Soft wax at a glance.


The most significant difference in between hard wax and also soft wax is the one method requires no wax strips, and the other does. That course, that’s not all; here, we’ll offer you one at-a-glance break down of hard wax vs. Soft wax. But you can find your wax in a selection of formulas that finest fit your format and method on ours page. Remember, there is a wax because that that!

Stripless difficult Wax


Often much less painful than various other waxing methodsLess MessIt no stick to your skinIs great at grabbing much shorter hair Ideal for working in smaller sized sections and also areas choose underarms, and facial, Brazilian, and bikini waxingIt can be used twice on the same spot when necessaryIt have the right to be used thicker 보다 soft wax

Soft piece Wax


Adheres well to micro-tiny and fine hairIdeal for larger body partsGives best spreadabilityExcellent for speed waxingHas a longer setting time ExfoliatingWorks well on brief to lengthy hairsApplied in thin layers

What is difficult wax?

Stripless hard wax comes in its very own subcategories of polymer film hard wax and also non-polymer blends. A polymer mix is one elastic film wax is made through polymers the act together a buffer top top the skin and also comes in tough wax beads and tablets, while non-polymer is made there is no resins, has actually a quicker setup time, and comes in only tablet form. Both formulas space gentle on the skin and perfect for complete body waxing.  

As film tough wax formulas have advanced, they’ve gone beyond soft wax in popularity due to the fact that they are less complicated on the skin, and, uneven soft wax, they don’t need muslin or non-woven wax removed strips. Hard wax is named after its ability to harden over hair follicles there is no adhering come the skin together it cools for less painful waxing.  

Professional hard Wax Warmers


When it involves choosing in between hard vs. Soft wax, you must know around the wax warmers lock need. The best professional wax warmers to usage with hard wax are explicitly made for loosened hard wax because their wax wells room wider. Castle usually have fitted lids come insulate the warming wax better and save it at the desired temperature. Many Starpil professional Wax Warmers, depending on the tough wax formula and also environment, acquire the difficult wax’s initial meltdown at 90°C (194°F). The optimal thick, honey-like consistency is got to by reducing the temperature to in between 70°C - 80°C (158°F - 176° F). 

All Starpil hard wax formulas have low-temperature applications come inhibit burning, but as with any wax because that hair removal, test your wax’s temperature prior to application. Use film hard wax in the direction the hair growth. Let it cool for a couple of seconds, organize the skin taut, then firmly peel turn off the wax, pulling it back in the contrary direction the hair growth.  

Who is the ideal client for difficult wax?

Since there room so many hard wax varieties, you room bound to find the perfect formula to represent your clientele. All typical skin and also hair types, native fine to coarse, can advantage from this wax. Hard wax is a go-to an option for sensitive to hypersensitive skin types. Even those v suspiciously short hairs can make the reduced for a hard waxing service. 

We recommend Starpil Coral Film hard Wax or Starsoft Film tough Wax for these clients, while the coarsest the hair species should go to Black and also Blue Film hard Wax. More powerful skin and also hair species belong to initial Non-Polymer tough Wax in environment-friendly or violet Malva. 

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How to wax with tough wax?

Start through making certain that you’re making use of the finest hard wax for your client’s needs and that you’re working with the correct temperatures because that the particular formula she using. Pay fist to the setting you’re in and the distinction it deserve to make whether or no you’re making use of a lid while warming her wax. Test her wax before waxing her client. Before you wax, be sure to use the suitable pre-wax care products for her client’s skin form and use the ideal size wax spatula for the service you’re performing.

Hard Wax Application

Spread the wax in an also strip and also be responsibility of your thickness, pressure, and how you create the lip (the component of the piece you will certainly pull from). Every one of these will certainly dictate how well your removal will certainly be. If there are gaps or uneven lines at the edges of your strip, feel cost-free to add an ext wax to make it clean and also straight. Give adequate time for wax to completely set to prevent tearing.

Hard Wax Removal

Keep the skin together stabilized as feasible when removing her strip, definition skin needs to it is in anchored so the doesn’t move with the hair together it’s pulled. Hold skin taut and also remove piece parallel to the skin in the opposite direction of the hair growth. After ~ removing the strip, push firmly onto the area to dissipate the pain. Follow through the best post-wax care products follow to the client’s skin type.

After your wax sets: 

Flick increase or pinch the lip in between your reminder finger and also thumb or wax spatula.Holding the skin taut through your cost-free hand, eliminate the wax strip easily in opposing direction that the hair growth.Apply pressure automatically on her client’s skin with your totally free hand to relieve any type of discomfort they may feel ~ above removal. 

Hard Wax learning Curve

Hard wax users need to understand the time of allowing the wax to cool on the skin before removal.  Though this wax form has a good spread, it works best in smaller locations for the most control. 

What is the finest hard wax brand?

We have actually some nice hard-hitting proof that Starpil Wax is the best wax brand on the market. Yet no matter which hard wax brand friend use, constantly choose a brand based on your fellow pro’s reviews, their experience working with professional salons and also their all accessibility. If you a pro, the assets you use and carry are linked to a company. It’s crucial that you reap working with that company.

What is soft wax?

When us think of strip wax vs. Stripless wax, us think of, well, strips. Soft wax calls for the use of soft wax strips, which room usually do from muslin or non-woven fibers. In the situation of strip wax vs. Hard wax, soft piece wax has actually traditionally to be the go-to in the spa industry due to the fact that hard wax choose we recognize it this particular day wasn’t available. Soft wax hair removal was the game changer the its day due to the fact that it seriously envelops also the tiniest hairs. Soft wax come in can type and have the right to be a tiny thicker than tough waxes giving them an excellent spreadability.  

What is soft wax offered for?

Despite hard wax’s growing popularity, soft wax is still favored by countless professionals. Esthies love it because that facial waxing due to the fact that it grabs even fine lanugo or vellus hair native the root. Together a soft human body wax, it’s frequently the an option for rate waxers since it can cover big areas at when while remaining tacky. Few of the best professional soft wax for any soft wax kit comes from roll-on waxing. Soft strip roll-on wax cuts services times in half, reduces cross-contamination and mess and also doesn’t require the use of spatulas. You can cover an entire man’s back with wax and then lay your strips accordingly.


Professional Soft Wax Warmers


Starpil Soft Wax is accessible in roll-on and tin cans, the standard form of soft wax. Soft wax can be ~ come in 400mg, 500mg and also 800mg can be ~ that deserve to be melted under in most tool to large wax soft wax warmers as lengthy as the temperature is set to approximately 65°C - 75°C (149°F - 167°F) through an initial 90°C (194°F) meltdown. Soft wax warmers have wax wells particularly made come insulate and also heat can be ~ of soft wax. 

This wax type is applied in thin layers end skin with a wax spatula in the hair development direction. Place a hair remove wax strip on the skin’s surface, organize taut, and pull versus hair development direction. 

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Who is the ideal client for soft wax hair removal?

The finest soft wax clients are those through slightly sensitive and also normal to special skin types. Soft wax is amazing for every hair types, no matter how thick or fine due to the fact that it envelops strands and the dead class of skin through a tight grip, providing a perfect pull virtually every time. 

We recommend Starsoft Soft Wax for her most vulnerable clients’ skin and Blue Soft Wax or Pink Soft Wax for almost everyone else!


Soft Wax learning Curve

Hard wax vs. Soft wax ~ above services.

We sweet in ~ above which solutions go better with tough or soft wax.

Which is better, hard wax or soft wax for eyebrows?

The eyebrows are frequently a difficult area for many waxers due to the fact that of the precision essential to develop the perfect shape. When soft wax is an excellent for facial waxing services for how it it s okay microscopic hairs, you must be mindful of how close come the brow it’s applied and leave an are for how it may spread under a non-woven remove strip. 

Even though tough wax can get even the tiniest hairs, no all difficult wax recipe can acquire those microscopic hairs choose soft wax can. However, difficult wax come in countless different formulas that job-related perfectly with a potentially ultra-sensitive area and you don’t have to worry around it spreading; whereby you place it is whereby it stays.

The verdict for soft or tough wax because that eyebrows:

We say that both Pink Soft or difficult wax would certainly both be an excellent choice, however Starsoft Film hard Wax might just give them both a run for your money.



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Would you use tough wax vs. Soft wax for face waxing? 

Soft wax will obtain every hair top top the face nearly every time, but hard wax formulas favor Starpil Pink, Calendula or Starsoft are neck and neck v their soft wax counterpart. Plus, they’re particularly made to alleviate redness and irritation top top the face, limiting breakouts after wax services.

The verdict because that hard wax or soft wax for face waxing:

Whichever wax form you use most is fine for you go-to formula, but always keep a several of the various other wax obtainable for clients with special skin needs. 

Is hard wax or soft wax better for legs?

Both soft and also hard wax are exquisite because that legs; the all about preference or her client’s certain skin type. The an ext sensitive a customer is, the much more they need to be making use of wax recipe for sensitive skin. For speed waxers however, soft wax is the means to go. 

The verdict?

You can contact it a draw however we can’t forget around Starsoft and Calendula Roll-On Wax Cartridges. They administer exceptional calming ingredient for perceptible skin types, if still supplying a rapid application.

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Is tough or soft wax because that the bikini area better?

Given the breakable nature that the bikini line, we love every one of the ultra-sensitive alternatives available. The course, us love exactly how no hair can escape being removed as soon as it’s extended in soft wax, do a bikini wax business seem to walk faster. 

The verdict?

We’ve gotta walk with hard wax top top this one. The is incredibly gentle on an area favor this. That, plus its accuracy do it one easy choice for waxing on the bikini line. 

Would you usage hard wax vs. Soft wax because that Brazilian waxing?

Let’s cut to the chase, us would indicate using tough wax vs. Soft wax ~ above a Brazilian waxing service. Because you have to acquire “all increase in there” through soft wax and non-woven strips, then press on the removal strip, we think a more comfortable method to walk is to simply use difficult wax. Difficult wax limits the amount of touching and, in this case, can be faster that soft wax. 


As you can see, both hard and soft wax hair removal have actually their merits. Both have actually so numerous of their very own benefits, that us think having both formulas accessible at your salon can be a viable equipment for any issue your clients deserve to throw at you. If you recognize the strengths and also weaknesses of every formula, you can harness their precise uses and also benefits to satisfy your particular waxing style. Master them both and you’ll be in ~ the head of the wax game. 

What perform you think? which formulas execute you think are ideal for face or Brazilian Waxing? permit us know in the comments or join the conversation in ours Facebook group The human being of Waxing!


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