American writers and British writers spell some words differently, also when they average the same thing. You deserve to see these disparate spellings any kind of time you read American and also British publications. An write-up in The wall Street Journal, because that instance, can contain words favorite, while an post in The Economist might contain the word favourite.

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Many times, this spelling differences are the an outcome of various standardization at the editorial level. As languages evolve, these requirements can and do change, as well.

As a writer yourself, girlfriend will need to choose between these 2 variants when you use the word. Neither is incorrect, but there space definitely situations where favorite is preferable to favourite, and vice versa. The difference, like in so numerous writing dilemmas, comes under to your intended audience.

So, exactly how should friend spell favorite in your writing? Let’s discover out.

What is the Difference in between Favorite and Favourite?

In this post, I will compare favorite vs. favourite. I will outline once these spellings space appropriate and showcase exactly how they are provided in instance sentences, so the you deserve to see castle in context.

Plus, i will show you a advantageous mnemonic an equipment that will assist you pick either favourite or favorite for your very own writing.

When to usage Favorite

What does favorite mean? Favorite is one adjective. Favorite defines something i beg your pardon is preferred over all others.

Here are some examples,

Geraldine’s favorite food is pizza, but she will never say no to warm wings, either.Robert has actually a favourite word, but he can not repeat it in polite company.Dominique’s favorite thing to do on a clear afternoon is walk her dog in the city park.

Favorite is the traditional spelling of this indigenous in American English.

When to use Favourite

What go favourite mean? Favourite is an alternate spelling that the very same word. The is the standard spelling in brothers English. It can be used in all the exact same contexts as favorite, and also carries the same meaning.

For example,

The adhering to two charts show the relative consumption of favourite vs. favorite in American English and British English, respectively, since 1800.



As you deserve to see, favorite has been wanted in American English due to the fact that shortly before 1850, when it overtook favourite in usage. Favourite has always been wanted in brothers English.

These charts aren’t exhaustive in their scope, but they do aid for identifying long-term trends.

Trick come Remember the Difference

Choosing between favorite and favourite is simple: you must consider your audience.

For American readers, choose favorite.For british readers, pick favourite.

Since favourite contains one extra U, choose United Kingdom, this should be an easy decision to make.


Is it favorite or favourite? Favorite and favourite are different spellings of the very same word, which refers to something that is preferred above all others.

Favorite is the American spelling.Favourite is the brother spelling.

For british audiences, you must use favourite. This is easy to remember, since favourite and United Kingdom are both spelled v the letter U, unequal favorite.

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In summary, favorite is the American form of this word. Favourite is the brother form.