Everyone has actually those moments where they obtain to prepare their meal and find that they are out the a specific essential ingredient.

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There are lots of various substitutes for different food ingredients, and also corn meal is no exception to this.

There are plenty of different ingredients the you have the right to use together a substitute because that cornmeal, and also you might even have some laying approximately in her kitchen because that you to utilize.


We space going to run you through every one of the various cornmeal substitutes in this article, so friend don’t need to worry about missing the end on her favorite meal if you have run out of it.

If you haven’t essential to usage a substitute because that this before, then you probably won’t even know about most the these straightforward substitutes because that cornmeal, however you will certainly be well-informed by the end of this article.

There room lots of different recipes that use cornmeal as among the main ingredients, and also this way, girlfriend won’t have to miss out.

What is Cornmeal?

Cornmeal is actually made indigenous ground yellow corn, and it ranges in texture from fine come coarse grounds.

The bulk of yellow cornmeal is do from what is called dent corn, i m sorry is high in starch content and has a corny texture.

Cornmeal is most generally used for making cornbread, and also it is may be to kind a tasty crispy late on a selection of foods, favor fish and also chicken.

Cornmeal is processed with either a stone-ground the produces a coarser texture, or stole rollers that produce a finer ground. This is exactly how we are able to acquire cornmeal of various consistencies.

Is Cornmeal different From Cornstarch?

Before we obtain into this article and also explain all the different types of ingredients that you have the right to substitute for cornmeal, that is crucial to recognize that cornmeal and also corn starch are two totally different things.

To avoid any confusion, we will certainly quickly explain the distinction below.

Cornstarch is in reality a white kind of powder the is made up of the endosperm that the corn kernel. The is much more commonly used as a thickening agent in every different species of sauces and puddings, and also it is lot finer 보다 cornmeal.

Cornstarch is a gluten-free product the is made only from corn, and it have the right to be provided as a substitute because that flour in order to thicken the product.

Alternatively, yellow cornmeal is a finely ground kind of corn that frequently uses the entire kernel. It is may be to include flavor, texture, and also body to a dish the is lacking in these things.

Cornmeal is used in bigger quantities and has a totally different consistency and texture than cornstarch.

Things To note When Substituting Cornmeal

Before you begin substituting cornmeal for a selection of various other ingredients, friend should understand that the cornmeal actually has different purposes in different recipes.

Essentially, this ingredient has two different functions, and also these are to add flavor or to add texture. If you room using a recipe that is making use of cornmeal for flavor, then you should substitute it with various other corn products.

However, if you room using a recipe that calls for cornmeal in stimulate to adjust the texture, climate you need to look for a similar product the shares a similar consistency.

If you space substituting simply due to the fact that you are allergic to corn, climate you should obviously be looking for products that carry out not contain any kind of corn in ~ all.

Cornmeal Substitutes

Now that any confusion has been clearing up, us can gain into explaining every one of the various substitutes the you have the right to use for cornmeal.

There are many substitutes that deserve to perfectly replicate the provides of cornmeal, making the seem as though there is absolutely no difference at all.

Corn Grits

One of the best and also most ideal substitutes because that cornmeal is corn grit, and they space both corn products.

Grits are perfect because that both cooking and baking purposes, and also they space actually slightly coarser than conventional cornmeal, which means that you will must use a smaller amount 보다 you would v cornmeal.

This is specifically important for any type of recipes that room liquid-based. If you room specifically trying to find the texture, climate you deserve to grind the grits and also this must replicate the structure of cornmeal.

This is well-known to be among the best cornmeal substitutes, for this reason this must be the very first thing the you look because that in her pantry prior to you move on to one more alternative.

They are essentially smaller bits that corn that are finely ground, and also many in reality confuse the two products due to their similar appearance. However, they are slightly bigger than cornmeal, which will certainly slightly change the texture, yet not remarkable so.

With this substitute, you will be acquiring both the flavor and also texture that you room looking for, and also your dish will certainly be much more or less the exact same as the would have actually been if you offered cornmeal.

Something else that you have to note is that if you space using corn grits to make a batter, climate you will need to use a lower amount 보다 you would through cornmeal. This is therefore you can balance that out.


Another renowned substitute because that cornmeal is polenta, i m sorry is an additional ideal match.

It is coarse ground corn the is actually easily accessible in a wide variety of different grades that variety from coarse to fine.

This will enable you to select a consistency that works well with your favored recipe, relying on what it requires from you.

If girlfriend would have actually used outlet cornmeal for the dish, then you should instead use a rough circuit polenta as a substitute.

Something else the you need to remember is the you deserve to evenly substitute corn flour for polenta flour if you ever before need to.

In some places, cornmeal is actually still referred to as polenta, despite they space two different things. This simply goes to display how comparable the two products really room in regards to use within recipes.

When the is being supplied as an alternative to cornmeal, the proportion will not frequently change, despite if the is coarse, you have to use a slightly reduced amount.

Other Potential Substitutes

While this two are the key ingredients that are provided for substituting, over there are also some various other things that you deserve to try.

If that is just the texture the you space trying to substitute, you can shot and use things choose semolina, soil oats, and also even breadcrumbs. This should carry out you v the consistency the you room looking for.

However, if it is the taste and also flavor of cornmeal the you are trying to replicate, then you might find the procedure a little an ext difficult. Though, various other corn products should have the ability to do the job.

You deserve to also shot semolina flour, baking powder(limited recipes), andcake flour in your baked goods.

Frequently request Questions

Cornmeal is basically dried out and also ground corn kernels. It is most typically used in American cornbread recipes yet can it is in harder to discover in the UK and Europe. Below are some an excellent substitutes for cornmeal if you can not find any in your local supermarket or wellness food store. We have likewise included a recipe to make your own cornmeal if you space stuck for options.

Can you use flour in ar of cornmeal?

No, you need to not use flour in ar of cornmeal if girlfriend have different options available. Cornmeal is commonly used for textural and also flavor purposes, which continual flour cannot imitate. The best options are corn grits, semolina, ground oats, and breadcrumbs.

Rice flour, wheat flour, and tapioca starch will work in a pinch together a cornmeal substitute. This will serve a comparable purpose to cornmeal yet you will not gain the exact same texture or smell in the final product.

Can I use cornstarch rather of cornmeal?

You have to not use cornstarch in location of cornmeal. When they are both make from the very same raw ingredient, the manufacturing process is vastly different. Cornstarch is a lot finer powder 보다 cornmeal and will act very differently when linked into a recipe.

The last product will likely be lighter and less thick than if it was made through cornmeal.

How execute you make homemade cornmeal?

Making cornmeal at house is a super simple process. Homemade cornmeal is much sweeter and has more depth that flavor than the kind you have the right to purchase in ~ the store. It will also be lot fresher as it will certainly not have actually been sat in bags top top a save shelf for months.

To do cornmeal, you will certainly ideally have accessibility to some freshly harvested corn left on the cob. If you cannot acquire hold the this, frozen corn will work just as well. We execute not advise using canned corn to do cornmeal.

If your corn is top top the cob, we recommend soaking it in water for 20 minute to ensure any type of hidden bugs are purged out. Leave the husks on however chop off the stem. Chef your corn till it is contempt al dente and then cut all of the kernels off of the center.

Spread the corn across a lined dehydrator tray. Set your dehydrator come 135 degrees Fahrenheit and place the kernels in because that 8 come 12 hours to dehydrate fully. Shower the trays a pair of times during this process.

When the corn is completely dry, add it come the jug the a blender and grind come your wanted coarseness. Spread this mixture top top a lined baking tray and place in an oven preheated come the shortest temperature for 5 minutes. This will ensure that the cornmeal is fully dry.

Allow it come cool completely and deliver to an airtight container for storage.

What is the English tantamount of cornmeal?

In the UK, cornmeal is an ext commonly described as polenta. Polenta is actually a porridge-like dish from northern Italy, however in the UK packets the cornmeal ground to the optimal coarseness because that making the dish space simply known as polenta.

Generally, the polenta discovered in the uk is made from a more carefully ground cornmeal 보다 the ingredient you would discover in the US. That being said, they will both serve the same objective in her recipe.

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If you can travel come a wellness food store, you may see more options in regards to polenta 보다 you would certainly in a basic supermarket. This is where you are most most likely to discover a variance in the grind coarseness so the you can choose the optimal grind for your recipe.