What Is A Potentiometer?


A potentiometer is a manually adjustablevariable resistor with 3 terminals. 2 terminals are associated to bothends that a resistive element, and the third terminal connects come a slidingcontact referred to as a wiper, moving over the resistive element. The outputvoltage of the potentiometer is identified by the position of the wiper.Typically, a potentiometer attributes as a change voltage divider. Theresistive aspect can be viewed as two resistors in series where the wiperposition determines the resistance proportion of the an initial resistor come the second.

Potentiometer is supplied to measure the electro engine force(emf) that a provided cell, the inner resistance the a cell and comparing emf ofdifferent cells. It is also used together a change resistor in countless applications.

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Resistors administer a addressed value of resistance that blocks orresists the flow of electric current about a circuit, and also producing avoltage fall in accordance v Ohm’s law. Resistors deserve to be fabricated to haveeither a addressed resistive worth by some outside means.

There room two main species of manually adjustable potentiometers,that is, Rotary potentiometer inwhich the wiper moves along a one path and also Linear potentiometer in i beg your pardon the wiper moves follow me a straight path.

What You require ToKnow about Potentiometer

A potentiometer is a resistor with threeterminals and a sliding call with an flexible voltage divider.A potentiometer is offered as a measuringinstrument or ingredient in electronics.A potentiometer is made of resistive elementssuch as graphite, resistance wire, cermet and carbon particles.Potentiometer is largely used in circuits to varyvoltage or to give variable supply voltage.The main role of potentiometer is come varyvoltage or voltage dividing.A potentiometer has actually low power and also is used foraudio devices, tv control and also as a transducer.The potentiometer is associated in parallel withthe circuit.Potentiometer deserve to be provided as a rheostat.Rheostat cannot division voltage.

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Application ofPotentiometer

There are several supplies of a potentiometer. The 3 mainuses the a potentiometer are:

Measuring the voltage throughout a branch the acircuitComparing the emf the a battery cell v astandard cellMeasuring the interior resistance of a batterycell

What Is ARheostat?


A rheostat is a change resistor which is used to manage theflow of existing by manually enhancing or decreasing the resistance. That is ableto vary the resistance in a circuit without interruption. Rheostats to be oftenused as power control devices for instance to control light intensity, speed ofmotors, heaters and also ovens. However, due to the fact that of their relatively low efficiencyand with breakthroughs in technology, they room no longer used for thesefunctions anymore. Together variable resistors, castle are often used because that tuning andcalibration in circuits.

Rheostat’sconstruction is equally similar to the of a potentiometer. A rheostat has actually two connections;the first connection is made to one finish of the resistive element and the otherconnection come the wiper (sliding contact).