I do. Or at least I did, until I began teaching that to mine students and mixed up the terms. For the past pair of weeks, we’ve been analysis fables, but I’ve to be calling them folktales. I realized it around two or 3 days into the week. Ugh . . . I’ll have to go back and reteach it once we *really* carry out a unit on folktales.

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In my research study when arising my analysis Comprehension an abilities and techniques Posters critical year, ns came throughout many instances whereby these two words to be either supplied interchangeably or wherein “folktale” was the parental word and a fable was a type of folktale. I’ve do a distinction between the 2 in mine posters, yet of course, didn’t really look at them.



You ever have one of those times when you’re teaching your reading program and realize the students need much more exposure to a kind of message or a particular skill? And, climate you decide to read a whole bunch of texts in the exact same genre? Kinda in ~ the last minute? Yeah, the was this fable “unit”. We check out One serial of Rice, which remained in our reading program. Then, I had this bright idea to read assorted fables, including rock Soup and also The empty Pot, to emphasize the class or moral in the story, which is a trademark that fables. We likewise read a few others. But, ns am in require of more fables and also folktales, if everyone has any kind of ideas!


In the meantime, while teaching fables, we kept track of the lesson or moral of the story on chart paper. Following year, I’ll most likely do a much better chart, keeping teach of the title and also the lesson or moral in each story. Ns didn’t realize that my students need the language come generalize the great or moral until ns was partway v the week. Again . . . The kinda at the critical minute to teach thing.

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I uncovered these 2 anchor charts top top Pinterest. Castle kinda go together with the above info.

BTW – the common Core State Standards makes a distinction, so that’s why i do:

What fables and also folktales perform you constantly read through your class? I’d love to get some more ideas!

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