Whenever you want to move your electric appliances, girlfriend must have actually a clear understanding of the difference between 220 and 240-volt outlets. Every appliance requirements to it is in plugged into an outlet that matches that is voltage; otherwise, the appliance would certainly not work-related correctly. Together a result, if you intend to relocate your washing machine, microwave, refrigerator and alike, you must certain that appropriate outlets are around. Utilizing the right outlet because that the best appliance is the vital to keep the appliance quality and also avoid potential hazards. In the instance you want to recognize more, down below is additional information around the outlets characteristic and associated issues.

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The plugThe outletFAQs

The plug


There space about 15 species of plug right now in usage nowadays, every of castle come through a letter for convenient identification. The name of the plug has no special an interpretation so you nothing really have actually to problem too much about it. Certain plugs could be compatible with both 220 and 240-volt kinds so do remember to exam the outlet and appliance voltage beforehand. Plot carelessly here and also you could run into trouble: in ~ best, the appliance would certainly not job-related as designed i beg your pardon is ok efficient. In ~ worst, the conductor would overheat and that would certainly lead to far-ranging fire hazard.

Important note

As mentioned above, relying on the manufacturer wish, one plug form could have various voltage in various appliances. Therefore, the perform of 220V and also 240V plugs down below is compiled making use of both the plug capacity and nation voltage together references.


There are approximately 13 species of plugs that might be watched on 220V electric appliances basic on the plug capability. They are C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N and also O. Few of these plugs space used across the globe but there are country exclusive plugs as well. Basic on country voltage, there room 12 plugs: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, I, K, L, M and also N.


What go a 240​V plug look like?

There are additionally 13 varieties of plug right now in circulation that could be watched on 240V electric appliances basic on the plug capability. The 240v plug list is pretty much the same together the 220v one. Similar to their 220V counterparts, several of these plugs might only be found on remote corners that the world. However, basic on country voltage, there room only 3 240v plugs which room G, I and also D.


The outlet


What go a 220​V outlet watch like?

220​V outlets largely correspond to their plugs but there space some outlets that are able to expropriate more than one form of plug. The instances include:

 Type B is compatible with kind A and B plugsType D is partly compatible with kind C, E and F plugs, unsafeType E is compatible with kind C, E and also F plugsType F is compatible with kind C, E and F plugsType K is partly compatible with kind E and also F plugs, unsafeType L(16A) is compatible with form C plugType N is compatible with type C plug

 What walk a 240​V outlet look at like?


The 240​V outlet’s compatibility with the appliances is also similar to your 220​V cousin. That advised the you need to connect the appliance plug with an outlet the matches that type just to be on the safe side.

The design of the outlet

The typical 220/ 240​V appliances use 3 wires​:​​​

A hot wire: tote the current to the fixtureAnother hot wire: additionally carries the existing to the fixtureA copper wire: for sure user safety

There is no neutral wire here however when among the hot wire is positive, the various other is negative. That setup complete the circuit. ​However, over there is an additional wire plan that is to work by appliances like apparel dryers and also so on. It consists of 4 wires:

A warm wire: carries the present to the fixtureAnother warm wire: likewise carries the present to the fixtureA neutral wire: Completes the electric circuitA copper wire: for sure user safety

As a result, certain appliances might have up to 4 prongs instead of the normal 3 in their plug.


That is most of what you should know around the differences in between 220 and also 240-volt outlets, not too tough to take it in, right? It can be a little bit confusing at very first but as long as you get the hang of it climate you should have actually no problem identifying the outlet. This understanding would assist you a lot as soon as it involves remodeling the house and rearranging your electrical appliance.

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Can ns plug 220V right into 240V?

Generally, it is safe to use a 220V appliance at 240V.

What wake up if ns plug 120V into 240V?

If you plug a 110V appliance in a 240V outlet in the best-case scenario, part protective machine will disconnect the appliance. Otherwise, her appliance will certainly burn out quickly.

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Can you transform a 120V outlet come 240V?

Yes, you deserve to buy a 120V to 240V converter.