The Chiefs will hold the Patriots in Kansas City top top Sunday for the AFC Championship, and the forecast calls for temperatures roughly 20 degrees. 

While Arrowhead Stadium will be chilly on Sunday evening, that will most likely feel balmy contrasted to few of the coldest gamings in organization history. 

The coldest game in NFL background remains the Ice Bowl, the 1967 NFL championship in between the Cowboys and Packers in eco-friendly Bay. The game-time temperature to be -13 degrees with a windchill that -36 degrees. 

The second-coldest video game was a Bengals success over the Chargers in January 1982. The temperature in ~ Riverfront stadium was -9 degrees. 

The third-coldest game in NFL background was an ext recent. It came in January 2016 once the Seahawks took on the Vikings in Minneapolis and also the temperature to be -6 degrees. That was prior to the Vikings moved into their indoor house at U.S. Financial institution Stadium. 



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