Putting in a door and also need a door lock? You have options. 10 to be exact. Find the 10 species of door locks below with photos and detailed explanation of each. This is the ultimate door lock purchase guide.

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The cylinder is the part of the lock whereby the key goes. Your crucial must to the right the cylinder correctly, which will permit you to open up the lock. Also a slightly misshapen vital will result in the cylinder keeping the lock from unlocking.

The cylinder contains several spring-loaded pins that move when you location the crucial inside. If girlfriend insert the correct key, the pins will move as the vital moves more into the cylinder, prompting the lock come unlock by opening the bolt using electronic door locks.

In some cases, you have the right to replace a damaged cylinder. This is a an excellent option if the complete door lock device will be expensive to replace. But, it’s often less expensive to purchase a new lock.


a. Solitary Cylinder

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Single cylinder locks only have actually a space for a key on one side. The other side has actually a twisted knob that locks the door from the various other side. The vital side is top top the external component of the door, while the internal part has the knob so that you have the right to lock her door indigenous the inside without a key.

b. Dual Cylinder

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Double cylinder locks do knot have actually a twist knob and require a vital on one of two people side. These locks are good for locations where girlfriend don’t want anyone to be able to lock the door indigenous the within without a key, such together a windy restroom.

2. Bolt/Latch


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When the vital fits the cylinder, the pins inside the cylinder move, engaging the bolt – sometimes referred to as a latch – in ~ the door lock. This is the part of the lock that moves in and out and rests in the carved-out part of the door frame, well-known as the box, when the door is locked, keeping it in place.

There are two main varieties of bolts you’ll see: the deadbolt and spring bolt.

a. Dead Bolt

A deadbolt is one the you need to lock yourself. This is the kind of lock that will have actually a cylinder that calls for the correct vital to open up it. Deadbolts are considered to be safer and an ext durable 보다 spring bolts, which is why many homes and also businesses opt because that them, or a mix of the two.

b. Spring Bolt

Spring bolts have a small clip that holds castle in place. When the crucial moves the pins in the cylinder, the clip will certainly compress, i m sorry unlocks the bolt and permits it come move back inside the lock to open the door.

The act of closing the door reasons the spring to release, which move the bolt back in location to store the door closed. Most of the time, feather bolt locks will lock on your own when you near the door, lot like the form of lock you’d discover on a hotel door.

These are an excellent options for additional security for world who may forget to lock the door behind them.

3. To win Plate


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The strike key is where the lock attaches to the door structure to keep the door in position when you lock it. This piece is a simple, metal component that you can screw to the door frame and is the easiest component of a lock to replace if it becomes damaged.

a. Box

The box is the part of the door structure where the bolt latches. Package is usually a small, squarish feet designed to fit the bolt. Many bolts are similar in size, making package a similar size that can fit many locks in the home.

C. Varieties of Door Locks

You deserve to use various kinds that door locks for a variety of purposes. Part locks are far better to use on doors causing the external of her home since they provide an ext security to keep intruders indigenous entering.

Other locks are great for maintaining doors in ~ your home secure, like bathroom and closet doors. They administer just enough security to store others out, yet without the safety and security level needed for exterior doors.

Some locks are ones you can lock native the outside of the door, others are only for locking indigenous the inside of her door, if others room ones you can lock from either the outside or inside.

The following are numerous of the varieties of door locks you might find and how they different from one another:

1. Doorknob Locks


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Doorknob locks are, perhaps, the most common form of lock you’ll see on homes, specifically on inner doors, prefer bathrooms and also bedrooms. They’re likewise often among the kinds to grace the former door, in mix with a deadbolt or other, much more secure, lock.

Doorknob locks have actually the locking system within the doorknob. This locks have knobs ~ above either side of the door and also can have a single or double cylinder, depending on whether you’d choose the door come lock native the within or not.

2. Handlesets


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Handleset locks have a handle on the exterior side and either a keyed opening or twist knob top top the inner side v which come lock it. This type of lock features a deadbolt fairly than spring bolt because that extra security. These offer a comparable purpose together a doorknob lock however can administer a much more appealing look to the exterior the a home.

3. Hand Levers

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Hand levers are an excellent choice for within doors, favor closets or basement doors. They function a straightforward handle bar on one side and a twist knob ~ above the other.

These locks don’t administer as lot security as others, so they’re not an ideal option for entry doors. But, castle do enable you to open doors conveniently with one hand, i m sorry is valuable when you’re carrying groceries or laundry v the home.

4. Deadbolts


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Deadbolt locks space a separate system from the doorknob, which offers your entry doors second layer of security. Many home and also business owners choose to have both a doorknob lock and deadbolt on their entry doors to stop the hazard of intruders.

Deadbolts have the right to reduce the hazard of required entry by producing a certain lock mechanism that renders it virtually impossible for a burglary to rest in v the door. Deadbolts deserve to be both single and double cylinder designs, with double cylinder supplying even much more protection native unauthorized persons gaining accessibility to the home.

5. Barrel Bolt

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A barrel bolt, also known as a slide bolt, goes on the within of the door to save you safe as soon as you’re in your residence with your family. This lock has actually two pieces: one that goes top top the door frame and the other main locking assembly that goes on the door.

The key assembly has a cylindrical lock that you deserve to slide into the record to lock the door indigenous the inside. Some people select to install one in ~ the peak of the door and another at the bottom because that extra safety.

6. Chain Lock


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Chain locks are ones you typically see on the inside of hotel doors. These locks have a catch on the door frame and a main locking assembly top top the door, much like a barrel bolt, but use a chain to lock the door instead of the cylinder piece.

The idea that the chain lock is to permit you to open the door slightly to greet who while still maintaining the door closed. A human being won’t be able to come inside till you close the door and release the chain, allowing you to open the door every the way.

7. Cam Locks


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You’ll commonly find electronic came locks in submit cabinets, mailboxes, lockers, and low-security financial institution deposit boxes. The camer lock is a streamlined version of various other locks, inquiry a an essential to rotate a cam, which locks and also unlocks it. Cam locks deserve to be either flat or tubular, with keys of the very same shape vital to open up them.

8. Simple Padlocks


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Padlocks are among the simplest varieties of door locks. You’ll generally see this locks top top doors that don’t require high-level security, choose shed and also storage unit doors. This locks aren’t attached come anything else yet instead lock into themselves.

Padlocks can be small or big and usually space square or rectangle-shaped v a U-shaped bar. One end of the bar remains in the lock but moves up and also down to permit the other side to lock and release.

9. Circular Padlocks


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A one padlock, or key padlock, is another kind of padlock that uses a bit an ext protection for human being who want a an ext secure melted or storage unit. They’re also detached indigenous the doors castle lock however are thicker and more difficult to break 보다 a continual padlock.

A one padlock has a bent bar the protrudes from one next of the lock, moves through the handles on the door, and also locks earlier into itself to stop the door native opening.

10. Digital Locks


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Electronic locks are ones the don’t require keys to lock and unlock them. Instead, they have a keypad or card device in i beg your pardon you can use a distinct code or vital to unlock the door. Most of the time, this locks lock the door automatically. You’ll usually find electronic locks in hotel rooms, schools, and also offices.

Many digital locks do have a combination key system, too, the you have the right to use a regular key with if you forget your password or map key. This locks usually operate on battery that deserve to last because that a lengthy time.

Some electronic locks even come v a far entry system in which you have the right to open the lock for well-known guests using your smartphone or computer system when you’re far from home.

I. Clever Locks and also Systems

Smart locks are the newest breed of door locks to enter the scene. V this type of lock, a smartphone acts as the key, allowing remote accessibility to your residence from virtually all over in the world.

These locks space often an ext than simply locks, though. Some smart locks have the right to be a part of a complete system of video and audio monitoring and other smart features that offer you ultimate control over her home.

Most clever locks still have a keyhole had so the you have the right to use it as soon as you come home, rather than unlocking the door via a connected app.

The 3 main varieties of clever door locks are:

a. Bluetooth

Bluetooth is at this time the most typical connection for clever locks. These locks connect directly to her smartphone, so girlfriend don’t need any kind of hub in in between to make the connection. Bluetooth provides some exciting features possible, like enabling your lock to instantly sense your Bluetooth device when you’re within range, causing it to unlock itself once you come home.

The downfall the this link is that, when you’re the end of range, girlfriend can’t regulate your lock.

b. Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is another connection choice that countless smart lock manufacturers are supplying for your systems. Wi-Fi link lets you regulate your machine from anywhere, so lengthy as you stay connected to the internet. Also if you’re at work, you can let who in your home using her device.

However, Wi-Fi locks tend to drainpipe batteries much much faster than Bluetooth-enabled locks, periodically requiring friend to change batteries every month or so.

c. Z-Wave

Z-Wave locks require a hub to affix to, i beg your pardon then permits you to attach to the lock with your internet-connected mobile device. It’s like a cross in between Bluetooth and also Wi-Fi locks.

Z-Wave smart locks will must be within a certain range from the hub come work. Signal variety extenders may help strengthen the signal if you can’t have actually the hub in ~ range.

11. Child-Proof Locks

Child-proof locks, or child safety and security locks, are an additional kind that lock that you have the right to use ~ above several varieties of doors in ~ the home to keep small fingers out. This aren’t necessarily because that security, but more for the security of young youngsters who can harm us by gaining into the components of the refrigerator, cabinets, or various other things in the kitchen.

According to KidsHealth.org, the leading cause of death in youngsters up to age 14 is an accidental injury. These locks deserve to keep medicine, food, and other items that have the right to be hazardous come young kids out of your reach. Additionally, part door locks deserve to keep kids out the closets or far from unsafe stairways.

a. Refrigerator Door Locks


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Although there room several varieties of locks you can put ~ above the frozen fridge door, the most common kind is the switch lock. This lock has actually one side v a button placed on the refrigerator door the clasps the hook that the other side, i m sorry mounts top top the refrigerator. A parent have the right to press the button to relax the clasp, allowing the door come open.

b. Room Locks


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Locks because that cabinet doors can install either on the inside component of the door or go roughly the handles to stop you from opened them easily. The most common type is the inner-door lock, i beg your pardon attaches to the top of the inner component of the cabinet and hooks right into a item you install on the door, or evil versa.

The door opens slightly to allow you to push down on the lock, freeing the hook indigenous the receiving component of the lock.

c. Stove Door Locks


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Parents use oven door locks to save young kids from pulling themselves up on the range door, or opened it out of curiosity as soon as it’s in usage to protect against severe burns and injuries.

The many popular kind of lock for stove doors is a no-drill lock with two adhesive pieces, one detached and one attached to the locking piece. One component connects come the oven door, and also the various other attaches come the oven. A small lock grasps the detached button-like part to lock and flips approximately unlock the door.

You deserve to use this kind of lock for cabinets, refrigerators, and also more.

d. Door height Locks


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Top locks for doors room high sufficient that young youngsters can’t with them. These locks are great options because that parents with kids who have figured out how to open baby gates and other child-proofing systems.

You install this at the very top of the door and also pull top top a hanging latch to unlock it. Girlfriend can also unlock the door native either next to protect against locking yourself in or out.

D. More Details

There are a few more an essential things you need to know before venturing out to find the appropriate door lock for your home and also family, choose lock grades and also taking the proper measurements for your lock.

1. Measuring because that a Door Lock

Finding the appropriate lock for her door relies on the appropriate backset measurement. This is the measurement native the very edge the the door to the center of the hole because that the locking mechanism. The most typical backset measurements for residential locks space 2 3/4 inches and 2 3/8 inches.

You should additionally measure the lock bore and also lock spacing. The locking boring is the diameter that the hole where the lock will certainly sit, the same hole you provided for the backset measurement.

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The lock spacing measure is the distance between the two holes of locks you have actually on your door, presuming you have actually a typical doorknob lock and also a deadbolt. If you have only one lock on your door, friend won’t require a lock spacing measurement.