miscellaneous sources choose those quoted in Wikipedia say the it"s a mistake, or old-fashioned, to refer to rooks as "castles". Why is this, though? various other languages typically refer come these piece as "towers" and also when the king exchanges areas with them, we contact it "castling" fairly than "rooking". The pieces look favor castles. The ax "rook", ~ above the various other hand, appears to come from Persian/Arabic and have a an extremely obscure etymology. Therefore why is this native preferred?


Some say:

There will probably other theories about the origin of the surname "rook" because that this keolistravelservices.com piece; however here is the one I think is best.

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IN the origins of the video game itself, the video game was called Chaturanga and it was not specifically the exact same as modern keolistravelservices.com. The item we call a rook was thought about to be a chariot rather than a castle, probably because of the speed with which that moves. The Sanskrit word for chariot was "ratha". In Arabic it is still referred to as a chariot v the name "rukhkh." as soon as the video game spread to Europe, the word "rukhkh" sounded favor the Italian indigenous "rocco", which expected "tower." since the 2 words sound alike, the Italian word to be used yet the meaning changed from chariot to tower.

The item is still believed of as a tower in european translations. Various European countries use their language"s word for "tower" quite than their words because that "chariot". In middle English the concept of tower at some point turned into castle since most castles had towers.

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Other explanations (the people i believe to be true):

The rook was currently known in "Chaturanga", however there, this figure was a carriage and also was referred to as "rukh". The battle carriages have actually been a part of the old Indian army until the fifth century. At the time the game pertained to Arabia the name did not adjust but the portrayal to be simplified. In Europe the English name "rook" remind us to the descent.

But how has actually the figure adjusted from a war carriage come a rook?

By the year 1527 Vida, bishop the Albay, released a poem around a keolistravelservices.com game between "Apollo" and "Mercury". The rooks were fortifications ~ above the earlier of an elephant. The europe keolistravelservices.com football player took end the description. Finally they left out the elephant for the typical use.

Notes, i told friend what others have said, what you"re going to read now is mine theory

I am from an Arabic country, Lebanon, and also we don"t speak to the bishop "Al Fil", choose some website say, at the very least in my nation we don"t, probably some various other arabic country did, no us, and also we still play Chaturanga (but i don"t). We call it Chatarange, it"s a French name, due to the fact that France was the mandate because that Lebanon long time ago.

Anyway lets talk about the pieces which is interesting

king = kingqueen = queenknight = horserook = castle, correct we speak to it castle, and it makes sense to castle forus, we don"t rook :)Bishop = minister, and also makes sense, the Arabs whoplayed keolistravelservices.com were Muslims you know :) Why European contact it Bishop? Ican think that 3 reasons:

Because the bishops were so an effective and affiliated in political life. Due to the fact that Christian militaries relied on them throughout the wars, they were the one that blessed a battle (Remember the crusaders and the Pop?). And lastly, since they added so much to the game (Ruy Lopez, was created by a Spanish priest that later came to be a bishop!)

Oh so you think i forgot about Pawns? Wrong! Pawns = Some contact them soldiers, and also some call them stones or rocks!

Now my theory:

It is feasible that by translating, a castle, became a rook, after every a castle, is constructed using rocks. Why didn"t the European eliminate the hatchet "pawn"?

By an interpretation a Pawn is the condition of being hosted as a pledge versus the payment that a loan. Every the poor and the farmers were "Pawns".

Remember the keolistravelservices.com was presented to Europe in mid centuries and only the rich played it, so the term pawn has a very far-ranging meaning, the weakest top top the board in a Feudal society, that would fight because that the king in the hope of being promoted! for this reason they left the name as is for that piece.

Small modify To my Initial Answer

You can be wondering: Why the hell would Arabs speak to "Pawns" as "Rocks" in the an initial place?

That"s because, Arabs play a plank game referred to as Tables, the video game as us play that today, was developed in Turkey, (I don"t offer a damn around what Wikipedia has to say around the history of the game) and also the Turks have actually invaded the Arabic people for a lengthy time, for this reason that"s just how we acquired it.

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The video game is play by stones or rocks, rounded pieces, currently they space made from plastic, but not earlier then. The Tables game is far more popular 보다 keolistravelservices.com or whatever you call it in the Arabic human being today.

The method you pat the video game is by pushing the pieces to the other end of the board, and you success (I"m no going to go over the rules, yet that"s the idea)

There"s likewise Checkers, which originated in Iraq some believe, and also is still more popular 보다 keolistravelservices.com nowadays in the Arabic world. And also the pieces relocate very comparable to Pawns and again were made from rocks. Therefore why producing a "Pawn" shaped piece, once you deserve to use rocks and start playing?