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While you can print data from a table, query, form or report in her access database, girlfriend can set print options for reports the will produce an eye-catching and an ext readable published copy of her data.

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Printing data directly from tables or queries works when you desire to print just a simple list. Forms are far better suited for viewing or printing data because that a solitary record or a related collection of records, and also not because that printing bigger sets of data or data summaries. By to press data native a report, you deserve to compare, summarize, and also total huge sets the data, and also then present that details in an attractive layout.

For an ext information about creating a report see development to reports in Access.

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Select page setup options

After you develop your report you can collection options for the print layout in the Page Setup dialog box. This options help you fine song the layout with alternatives for margin settings, use of gridlines and also columns, or print only the data from the report without the formatting. To collection the print web page options, finish the complying with steps:

In the navigating Pane, right-click the report and also then click Print Preview.

On the Print Preview tab, in the Page Layout group, click Page Setup and collection the margins, orientation and column settings that girlfriend want.


Print Options tab settings



Margins (inches)

Increase or to decrease the default margins as required, and see the changes displayed in the Sample page.

Print Data Only

Select this option when you perform not want to publish the layout functions in the report such as grids.

Split Form

This option is not accessible for a report.

To customize the spare on your report, on the Print Preview tab, in the Page Size group, click Margins and select a suitable option and also a preview the the report v the changed margin settings is displayed.

Page tab settings




Select one of two people the Portrait or landscape orientation. If you desire to see exactly how the report appears, instead of setting the orientation here set it indigenous the web page Preview tab. Top top the Print Preview tab, in the Page Layout group, click Portrait or Landscape.


Select the record size and source.

Printer because that Customer Addr...

If you select Use particular Printer girlfriend can set several various other printer and record format options.

Columns tab settings

Note: These options are also obtainable on the Print Preview tab, in the Page Layout group, under Columns.



Grid Settings

Select the variety of columns and row spacing. If the setup is because that a solitary column, the Column Spacing and Column Layout choices won"t it is in available.

Same as Detail

Select to publish the column in the exact same size together you collection in the report. To adjust the obelisk width and height, clear the an option and form new values.

Column Size

Select the width and height the the columns.

Column Layout

Select the direction in i beg your pardon you want the columns printed. This option is easily accessible only once you have an ext than one column.

top of web page

Select press settings

After you complete the web page setup setups for her report, you have the right to select specific printer choices to control the print layout or the pages you want printed and the number of copies.

In the navigation Pane, right-click the report that you want to print, and also click Print Preview.

On the Print Preview tab, in the Print group, click Print.

Keyboard shortcut push Ctrl+P.

Select your publish options, and also then click OK to print your report.

The following table defines the outcomes you deserve to expect from certain printer settings:




Select the printer where you want to have actually the report printed. If you haven"t set the orientation and paper size, click the Properties button.

Print Range

To print just selected pages that the report, pick Pages and set the range. Because that example, come print just page 5 the a report, kind 5 in both the From and also the To boxes.

To print simply one page of her report, collection both the From and To areas to the same web page number.


Select the number of copies and also select Collate if you want the copies printed in sets for a multi-page report.

To conserve paper, or to send a print job come a advertisement printer, or send the report via e-mail, you can create a .pdf or xps style of her report: ~ above the Print Preview tab, in the Data group, click PDF or XPS.

optimal of page

Preview prior to printing

Use the publish Preview choice to make check how the published version of your report will certainly appear.

You have the right to open a report in publish Preview through using among the following methods:

To preview a report the is not currently open, in the navigation Pane, right-click the report the you want to preview, and also then click Print Preview.


Click File > Print, and then click Print Preview.


If the report is open, right-click the file tab because that the report, and also then click Print Preview.

You have the right to make further formatting alters from publish Preview by using the choices in the Preview Print tab.


If you want to see number of pages of the report, relocate to other pages, or view multiple pages at the same time when previewing girlfriend report, try any the complying with options:

Click the Shutter Bar Open/Close switch () in the upper-right corner of the navigating Pane, and also then broaden the report check out area.

Position the report by using the horizontal or vertical scroll bars.

To magnify an area on the report, top top the Print Preview tab, in the Zoom group, click the arrowhead below Zoom and also select a magnification percentage. Girlfriend can likewise use the Zoom manage in the lower right-hand corner of her window.

To preview many pages at a time, in the Zoom group, click Two Pages or click More Pages and then select an option.

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Select your publish options: In the Print group, click Print and also then select your publish options.