The largest cat species on the world are tigers. Your orange and brown fur, dark stripes and light underside room both beautiful and distinctive. Tigers are predators and prey on a selection of pets including wild boar and deer.

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Tigers room solitary and also territorial and require big habitats. The cubs remain with their mothers for approximately two years. When they come to be independent, they leaving the area to develop their own habitats.

There are 6 tiger subspecies. The two most well known varieties are the Siberian tiger in the Russian much East and also the Bengal tiger in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Nepal. They are an endangered varieties with one estimated variety of mature adults between about 3,000 and 4,000 thousand.

What Is the typical Lifespan that Tigers?

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Predators are one of the causes of fatality including bears and also Asiatic wild dogs. Tiger cubs are susceptible come snakes and crocodiles amongst others. However, the biggest threat to many tigers is humans.

Human Impact

Tigers lose habitats because of humans editing and enhancing land for agriculture, conserving land for domestic animals and also logging. As the human population has increased, the number of tiger actions has been substantially reduced.

The element habitats because that tigers incorporate grasslands and forests. Unfortunately, many have been lost when converted because that agriculture. Within a duration of 10 years, Asia lost much more than 181,000 square miles of forest inhabited by tigers.

Converting land for farming has isolated plenty of of the tiger populaces by created big areas of open up land. This fragmentation has decreased the hereditary variability that the breed.


When a tiger is eliminated illegally, that is called poaching. There space two an essential reasons for poaching tigers. The first is jae won gain. The 2nd is a perceived threat to either people or wildlife.

Throughout history, tigers have been killed for their fur. The lot of fur sold illegally has actually been substantially lessened due to international trade controls and an increase in public awareness.

Agricultural animals are frequently prey because that tigers. For this reason, castle are regularly poisoned or shot. Poaching additionally occurs because tiger human body parts and also bones are in high demand for those practicing Chines medicine.

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Oldest known Tiger

The oldest well-known tiger in the world lives in bondage in the United claims at the Tiger Creek pet Sanctuary. Bengali was donated in 2000 to the Tyler, Texas sanctuary. Currently, the Bengali has actually lived because that 25 years and also 318 days.