Real Name/Full NameVyshonn King Miller
Nick Name/Celebrated Name:Sikk The Shocker
Birth Place:New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.

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Date the Birth/Birthday:18 June 1975
Age/How Old:46 year old
Height/How Tall:In Centimetres – 193 cmIn Feet and Inches – 6′ 4″
Weight:In Kilograms – 96 KgIn Pounds – 211 lbs
Eye Color:Black
Hair Color:Black
Parents Name:Father –N/AMother –N/A
Siblings:Kevin Miller, Germaine’ C-Murder’ Miller, Percy ‘Master P’ Miller
School:De Anza High School
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Single
Wife/Spouse Name:N/A
Kids/Children Name:Jianna Miller, and also Lil King Miller
Profession:Actor, Rapper
Net Worth:$3 Million
Last Updated:October 2021

Sikk The Shocker is a well-known American hip-hop singer. His songs have been a hit and have deserve him lot of his celebrity life in America. Sikk, The Shocker’s birth name, is Vyshonn King Miller, yet he assumed his celebrated name in the 1990s ~ the release of his song ‘The Shocker.’

Besides, he is additionally an actor and has assumed management roles in several movies he has actually acted. Sikk is a hardworking person, and his job earnings have significantly enhanced his overall net worth. He loves the luxurious way of living that the leads in addition to his children.

Well, how well carry out you know around Silkk the Shocker? If not much, we have actually compiled all you should know about Silkk the Shocker’s net worth in 2021, his age, height, weight, wife, kids, biography and also complete details about his life. Well, if you’re every set, here is what we know about Silkk the Shocker come date.

Biography and also Early Life

Sikk The Shocker was born on 18th June 1975 in new Orleans, Louisiana, in the U.S.A. His brothers room Kevin Miller, grasp P, and also C-Murder. The Shocker lost one of his brothers, Kevin, who died in 1990 during a robbery. His brothers are likewise musicians.

He has actually been living with his brother master P due to the fact that age 13 because they together relocated come live in Richmond, California.

Age, Height, load & body Measurement

So, exactly how old is Silkk the Shocker in 2021 and what is his height and weight? Well, Silkk the Shocker’s period is 46 year old as of today’s day 19th October 2021 having been born ~ above 18 June 1975. Though, he is 6′ 4″ in feet and inches and 193 centimeter in Centimetres tall, the weighs around 211 lbs in Pound and also 96kg in Kilograms.


Sikk The Shocker to be enrolled in De Anza High School. When in school, he was great to hand out since he was an excellent at entertainment with music. He completed high school and graduated in 1994. His enthusiasm for music do him completely concentrate ~ above his music ~ graduation come making music his lifetime career.

Personal Life: Dating, Girlfriends, Wife, Kids

Sikk The Shocker prefers having his life events being secretive as much as possible. However, he is right now single, however he has children. His kids are Jianna Miller, a girl, and Lil King Miller, that is a boy. That is a guy who loves luxury. Together a result, that owns number of luxurious cars and lives in a luxury home.

Is Sikk The Shocker Gay?

Sikk The Shocker is neither happy nor bisexual. His sex-related orientation is straight. He established a love connection with a female gender that result him having a son and also a daughter. Thus, it is apparent that the is not gay.

Professional Career

Sikk The Shocker is an actor, and he is also a musician. His exceptional acting technique made his movie a hit and amplified his popularity. A few of the movie he plot in include ‘No Limit documents Film hot Boyz’ that was exit in 2000 in i beg your pardon he to be the lead actor. He later on acted in the movie ‘More Family,’ ‘More Money,’ and ‘Silk 5 Film’ that was published in 2007. In 2011, that acted the horror movie ‘Reservation.’

Other 보다 acting, he is a musician whose music is largely rap music. Sikk first made music together a profession in the 1990s when he signed a contract with Priority. His at an early stage music was a hit and also easily ushered Sikk The Shocker, come a celebrity lifestyle. His very first release was the music referred to as ‘The Shocker’. The music became more popular such the he began using his newly celebrated name that ended up being Sikk The Shocker.

The Shocker also released the song ‘It Ain’t mine Fault’ that can be claimed to have actually been his trademark and also got featured in the Mystikal. He additionally collaborated with one more famous musician to relax a piece of hit music. For instance, in addition to Mya, they exit the album ‘Made Man.’ From that album, ‘Somebody prefer Me’ song was a hit and also became the bestseller of all various other music such that the song gained featured in the Billboard Charts. The album ‘Man Made’ was platinum certified by RIAA, do him among the most famous mainstream artists.

Having already been a celebrity, his tune ‘My World, mine Way’, exit in 2001, sold over 200,000 duplicates within 7 job of that releases. By mid-2004, the song has actually sold much more than 712,000 copies. He exit his very first mixtape i know good hop in 2010 named All I perform Is Win. Several of his songs the were a hit from his album ‘Incredible’ include ‘Don’t offer Up,’ ‘We Ain’t Trippin’, and ‘Business.’

Furthermore, he has actually a YouTube channel with which his fans gain his music. Besides, he gets some income from ads together he has actually a huge number of subscribers.


Currently, Sikk The Shocker has neither got an award no one a nomination. However, his songs being a hit and also have earned him lot fame have the right to be an optimistic way that much more awards or nominations are on his way.

Net Worth, salary & revenue of Sikk The Shocker in 2021

Silkk The Shocker net Worth

As the 2021, Sikk The Shocker’s net worth is about $3 million. His significant source of income is music. However, acting also earns that some significant amount. His struggle music became a bestseller the very first week that its release. For instance, his music ‘My world My Way’ sold over 200 thousand duplicates the first week it was released.

Some exciting Facts You should Know

Sikk The Shocker has been added on ‘Worst Wrappers List’ on number of occasions. However, he cases it is his means of making his music come be contempt offbeat that has, in turn, amplified his popularity, and also this music has sold greatly.

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Thanks to his difficult work and also commitment, The Shocker is at this time worth countless dollars. Consequently, he have the right to comfortably command a luxurious lifestyle together with his family. The key income resource of Sikk is music. He has actually two children.