The word “archangel” is typically found in Christian thought and also literature. Christ is often explained as returning during the second Coming “with the archangel’s call and with God’s trumpet.” However, for all the prestige of and Christian fascination v archangels they space mentioned very rarely in the Scriptures.

Depending on the translate into used, words “archangel” will only show up in the bible once, twice, thrice or not at all. As such, the actual variety of archangels is disputed and evidence is often pulled from heritage or the Apocrypha.

The Apocrypha room the publications of the bible that were either had in some version of the canonical scriptures or to be never had in the official canon yet nonetheless melted light on necessary biblical occasions or the Bible’s history. Such books are often sited in discussions worrying archangels and can be offered to construct a unstable list that the name of heavenly archangels.

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Michael is the archangel whose status is the very least in dispute. In countless translations of the Bible, Michael is the just archangel figured out as such. The book of Jude identify Michael together “the archangel Michael” in verse 9. The publication of Daniel likewise references the archangel Michael, but does not recognize him together such. Instead, Michael is described as “one the the chef princes” in Daniel 10:13 and also as “Michael, her prince.”

With Michael’s surname canonically linked with the word “archangel,” most Christian denominations recognize him as an archangel. In some cases, he is believed to it is in the only archangel. Such legacies tend come reference how Jude 1:9 describes Michael as “the archangel,” interpreting the verse as stating that Michael is the only archangel in existence. Various other traditions hold that Michael is the only evidenced archangel. They host that there may be others, but that that is ideal not to presume and declare that various other angels are archangels without confirmation in the Scriptures.



Gabriel is among the just angels determined by name in the Bible. He showed up to Daniel and also foretold the the resulting the Messiah and also the damage of Jerusalem. Gabriel had actually previously understood one the Daniel’s visions. For all his prestige in the Old Testament, Gabriel is most often remembered because that his role in the conception and also birth of Jesus. Gabriel is the point of view who appeared to the Virgin Mary and told her that she would be the mommy of the boy of God.

Given his prominence to the biblical story, Gabriel is commonly believed to it is in an archangel. Countless Christians refer to him as “the archangel Gabriel” and are surprised to discover that the Scriptures never actually recognize him together such.

The Orthodox Church identifies Gabriel as one of seven archangels, and the book of Enoch, among the apocryphal books, names Gabriel in two lists of archangels. Between apocryphal references and also church tradition, Gabriel’s standing as archangel is generally accepted. The is not, however, evidenced in the actual text of the Bible.



Raphael is another commonly named “archangel”, but, like Gabriel, the canonical holy bible never clearly states the he is an archangel. His is, however, identified therefore in the apocryphal publication of Tobit. In Tobit, Raphael heals, protects and saves the virtuous Israelite Tobit, Tobit’s boy Tobias and also Sarah, the woman Tobias at some point marries. In the book, Raphael journeys with Tobias if pretending to be a relative named Azariah. As soon as Raphael eventually reveals himself as an angel, he claims that he is “Raphael, among the 7 angels who stand ready and also enter prior to the glory that the Lord.” This statement is sometimes translated as one of the 7 archangels and is additionally frequently referenced as the message which shows the variety of archangels in heaven.

Many Christians are unaware that, like Gabriel, Raphael is no canonically detailed as one archangel. Along with Gabriel and Michael, he is one of the angels most frequently called one archangel. Both the Orthodox and Roman Catholic church officially recognize Raphael as an archangel. They both likewise agree through the heat in Tobit that says there are seven such archangels.



Jeremiel is one of the disputed archangels, though he has a much better case for his status than most. An additional book from the Apocrypha, 2 Esdras, explicitly established Jeremiel as an archangel. In 2 Esdras 4, Jeremiel answers the prophet Ezra’s pleas for answers around Israel’s disgrace. The is specifically named “the archangel Jeremiel” in 2 Esdras 4:36 and is known by the Orthodox Church as among the seven archangels.



Uriel is just one of the Orthodox Church’s seven recognized archangels. The is additionally mentioned in city 20 that the apocryphal book, Enoch. Uriel is said to watch over the world and also “over Tartarus.” The Greek abyss that torment, Tartarus is likely meant to represent the still arising concept of Hell at the time. Uriel is also cautiously, if unofficially, recognized by the Catholic Church as one of the 7 archangels.

His name is not given in the official canon, for this reason he is not known officially. However, numerous Catholics acquainted with the Apocrypha think the Uriel is one of the 4 unnamed archangels.

Raguel and Remiel

Raguel and also Remiel are two of the various other archangels named in Enoch 20.

The archangel Raguel is stated to take vengeance ~ above the “world that the luminaries” who have rebelled against God’s laws. He punishes sinners, and some translations that the scriptures identify Raguel as the angel who separates the souls the the faithful from the unfaithful. Past being judge and avenger, Raguel is associated with justice, fairness and also redemption. That is also commonly embraced as one archangel among Catholics yet has not been officially well-known as such.

Remiel is likewise often established by Catholics together an archangel in spite of not hold that status officially. Remiel is taken into consideration to it is in the angel of hope and the one who guides faithful souls come heaven and also watches over those that will it is in resurrected. In 2 Baruch 55:3 of the Apocrypha, the is additionally stated that Remiel “presides end true visions.”

Beyond the apprehension of Remiel’s official status together archangel, Remiel’s name is in reality in question. Some traditions host that the archangel Remiel is in reality Jeremiel or Uriel if others case that Remiel is no longer an point of view at all as part translations the the publication of Enoch surname a “Remiel” together a fallen angel who took a human being wife. Remiel is usually seen as an angel of some sort, though, with the debate being made that there were two angels named Remiel, one that fell and also one that did not.


Zerachiel is the seventh archangel, as frequently accepted through Catholics. Favor Remiel and Raguel, that is has never been officially known as an archangel by the roman Catholic Church yet is frequently identified because of this by practicing Catholics.

Some think that Zerachiel is actually the point of view Suriel stated in the publication of Enoch, while others host that they are two different beings. Prefer Suriel, whose surname is likewise spelled Sariel or Saraqael, Zerachiel has also been dubbed Zachariel and also Zahariel.

Selaphiel, Jehudiel, and Barachiel

Selaphiel, Jehudiel and also Barachiel room the continuing to be three archangels well-known by the Orthodox Church. Selaphiel is stated to pray to God for mankind and also is often illustrated in a prayerful posture v his head down and also hands folded. Some traditions organize that Selaphiel is stated to it is in the point of view in the publication of Revelation that presents the prayers the mankind come God if others believe he is the angel who saved Adam and Eve native Satan after lock were required to leaving Eden.

Jehudiel is said to encourage exertion for the glory the God and also distribute the reward because that those efforts. His depiction is somewhat much more intricate 보다 Selaphiel’s. Jehudiel is often presented holding a whip with three red or black color thongs in his left hand and a golden crown in his right. Barachiel is displayed with a white increased on his breast and is said to entreat God to have actually mercy on His people. Barachiel also distributes the blessings earned through great deeds.


Sometimes claimed to be the exact same as the point of view Zerachiel, Saraqael is called as among the “angels that watch” in thing 20 that the book of Enoch. His project is the watch over “the spirits, who sin in the spirit”.

Saraqael’s name has many versions and translations, several of which look little like “Saraqael” once written v English letters. However, prefer Remiel, Saraqael’s surname is not the only thing is dispute. In the book of Enoch, Saraqael is listed as among the fallen angels that lusted after human women, however he is also detailed later as among God’s holiest angels.


Phanuel is the fourth and final archangel called in thing 40 that the publication of Enoch. In this chapter, Enoch hears four voices praising the Lord and also sees four archangels was standing on the four sides the God. The 4 “angels that presence,” as they later happened called, were figured out in the publication of Enoch as Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and also Phanuel. In the same passage, Phanuel is declared to be the angel who acts together a guardian the those who repent in the hope of inheriting eternal life. The is sometimes said to it is in the very same archangel together Uriel, however, your names have various meanings, and they room both listed in Enoch as having actually separate duties.

Despite the fascination through archangels that is for this reason common amongst Christians, the number and also names of the archangels are extremely debated. Some draw their perform from the Apocrypha, rather from the traditions of their denomination and still others from the angels who names are proclaimed in the scriptures itself. Nevertheless of the competing traditions and also contradictory lists, there is no doubt the archangels will continue to be a source of an excellent interest and also veneration among Christians of all ages and also denominations for numerous years come come.

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