How to transform Liters come Cups

To convert a liter measurement come a cup measurement, multiply the volume by the switch ratio.

because one liter is equal to 4.226753 cups, you have the right to use this straightforward formula come convert:


Liters and also cups space both units supplied to measure up volume. Keep analysis to learn an ext about every unit of measure.

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A liter is a unit of volume equal to 1,000 cubic centimeters.<1> The liter is a unique name defined for the cubic decimeter and is exactly equal come the volume that one cubic decimeter.

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The liter is an SI embraced unit for volume because that use through the metric system. A liter is sometimes also referred to as a litre. Liters have the right to be abbreviated together l, and also are also sometimes abbreviated as L or . For example, 1 liter have the right to be written as 1 l, 1 L, or 1 ℓ.


The cup is a unit the volume equal to 16 tablespoons or 8 liquid ounces. The cup need to not be perplexed with the metric cup or the teacup, i m sorry are different units the volume. One cup is equal to just under 236.6 milliliters, however in nutrition labeling, one cup is equal to 240 milliliters.<2>

The cup is a united state customary unit of volume. Cups have the right to be abbreviated as c, and also are also sometimes abbreviated together C. Because that example, 1 cup have the right to be composed as 1 c or 1 C.

Liter to Cup counter Table

Liter dimensions converted to cup Liters cups
1 l 4.2268 c
2 l 8.4535 c
3 l 12.68 c
4 l 16.91 c
5 l 21.13 c
6 l 25.36 c
7 l 29.59 c
8 l 33.81 c
9 l 38.04 c
10 l 42.27 c
11 l 46.49 c
12 l 50.72 c
13 l 54.95 c
14 l 59.17 c
15 l 63.4 c
16 l 67.63 c
17 l 71.85 c
18 l 76.08 c
19 l 80.31 c
20 l 84.54 c
21 l 88.76 c
22 l 92.99 c
23 l 97.22 c
24 l 101.44 c
25 l 105.67 c
26 l 109.9 c
27 l 114.12 c
28 l 118.35 c
29 l 122.58 c
30 l 126.8 c
31 l 131.03 c
32 l 135.26 c
33 l 139.48 c
34 l 143.71 c
35 l 147.94 c
36 l 152.16 c
37 l 156.39 c
38 l 160.62 c
39 l 164.84 c
40 l 169.07 c


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