Four friends, Rocky, Rooney, David, and Sam separated a donut equally among themselves. Sam asked, "What section of the donut perform I have?" Rocky replied, " One fourth." Sam inquiry again, "Is it possible to write it in a kind that has actually denominator 1?".

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Let us help Sam resolve his questions in mere couple of minutes.

This section concentrates on representing ( frac14 ) together a decimal along with some interaction examples and also questions on the depiction of ( frac38 ) together a decimal, ( frac23 ) as a decimal, and also decimal to portion conversion. Perform not forget to try practice concerns at the end of the page for a fast fun revision.

Lesson Plan

1.What is 1/4 together a Decimal?
2.Important notes on 1/4 as a Decimal?
3.Think out of Box!
4.Solved instances on 1/4 as a Decimal
5.Interactive concerns on 1/4 as a Decimal

What is 1/4 as a Decimal?

When we convert a portion into decimal form, we transform it into a number that has denominator 1. So the molecule takes a kind that has actually a decimal in it.

The decimalform of(dfrac14,) is 0.25

Let's see how to get that.

How to adjust ¼ together a decimal

The fraction(dfrac14,)can be converted to a kind with denomiator 1 by recognize its decimal form.

To obtain the decimal form of (dfrac14,), different methods can be used.

Method 1

In this method, us use lengthy division.

Here, numerator = 1 and also Denominator = 4. Let's divide 1 by 4



(dfrac14=0.25..... extDecimal form)

We deserve to use this technique forconverting any fraction to decimal form.

Method 2

The other method is to convert the fraction into the equivalent fraction with denominator as a strength of 10

The an initial power the 10 is 10 i beg your pardon is nota many of 4. So, let's look at the second multiple, 100, i m sorry is a lot of of 4

In thefraction(dfrac14), denominator = 4


eginalign dfrac14&=dfrac1 imes 254 imes 25\&=dfrac25100endalign

Now, observe that there space 2 zeros in the denominator.

So, there will certainly be two digits after decimal in the numerator.


Similarly, if we havethefraction(dfrac38), us can convert it into decimal by converting it into its equivalent fraction with denominator 1000

eginalign dfrac38&=dfrac3 imes 1258 imes 125\&=dfrac3751000\&=0.375endalign

We can even transform a decimal to fraction. For this, we take into consideration the number of digits after ~ the decimal.

Example: take it 0.65. There space two digits after the decimal.

eginalign 0.65&=dfrac65100\&=dfrac1320endalign



Example 1

Harry is struggling to express(dfrac23,) together decimal. Have the right to you assist him by making use of long department method to transform a portion to decimal?


As denominator is 3, i m sorry is not a element of 100, we will convert(dfrac23,) as a decimal by lengthy division.


The quotient is 0.6666.....= (0.overline6cdotcdot )Digit 6 is recurring here as the remainder is walk on repeating.

So, we round off 0.6666..... To 0.67 (rounding off upto 2 decimal places).

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( hereforedfrac23=0.67)

Example 2

Mia wants to express(dfrac38,) as a decimal number using long division. Assist her to reach the correct answer.