A nasogastric pipe (NG tube) is a special tube that carries food and medicine to the stomach with the nose. It can be used for all feedings or for providing a person extra calories.

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You"ll find out to take an excellent care the the tubing and the skin around the nose so that the skin doesn"t gain irritated.

Follow any certain instructions her nurse provides you. Use the information listed below as a reminder the what to do.

If her child has an NG tube, shot to keep your son from poignant or pulling on the tube.

After her nurse teaches you just how to do the washing up the tube and also perform skin care approximately the nose, set up a day-to-day routine for these tasks.

Flushing the tube helps release any kind of formula stuck to the within of the tube. Do the washing up the tube after every feeding, or as frequently as her nurse recommends.

First, wash your hands well with soap and also water.After the feeding is finished, add warm water come the feeding syringe and also let it flow by gravity.If the water does not go through, try an altering positions a bit or affix the plunger come the syringe, and also gently press the plunger part-way. Perform not push all the means down or press fast.Remove the syringe.Close the NG pipe cap.

Follow these general guidelines:

Clean the skin approximately the tube with warm water and also a clean washcloth after each feeding. Remove any kind of crust or secretions in the nose.When removed a bandage or dressing native the nose, loosen it very first with a little bit of mineral oil or various other lubricant. Then gently eliminate the bandage or dressing. Afterward, to wash the mineral oil turn off the nose.If you notice redness or irritation, try putting the pipe in the various other nostril, if your nurse taught you exactly how to perform this.

Call her health care provider if any of the following occur:

There is redness, swelling and irritation in both nostrilsThe pipe keeps obtaining clogged and you are unable to unclog it through waterThe tube drops out VomitingStomach is bloated

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