All vessels must be equipped through USCG–approved an individual flotation tools (PFDs), sometimes referred to as life jackets. The quantity and form depend top top the size of your vessel and also the number of people on board and/or gift towed. Every PFD need to be in great condition, be the proper size for the intended wearer, and very importantly, be conveniently accessible! conveniently accessible means you must have the ability to put the PFD ~ above in a reasonable amount of time in one emergency (vessel sinking, top top fire, etc.). PFDs must not it is in stowed in plastic bags or in locked or closed compartments, and also they should not have other gear stowed on height of them.

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Vessel operators must ask everyone on your vessel come wear a PFD whenever ~ above the water. PFDs deserve to save lives, however only if they room worn!

Boater’s Tip

An emergency instance (rough water, rapid onset of bad weather, or attention boating traffic) can occur suddenly—leaving small or no time to placed on a PFD. PFDs room very complicated to placed on as soon as you room in the water. It is in a smart boater, and also have everyone on board your vessel wear their PFDs at all times.

an individual flotation an equipment (PFD) A machine designed to aid you float once you room in the water; has both wearable life jackets and also throwable devices
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