Excel. Possibilities are, the word alone inspires visions of lengthy spreadsheets, complicated macros, and the sometimes pivot table or bar graph.

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It’s true—with much more than one billion Microsoft Office customers globally, Excel has end up being the expert standard in offices throughout the globe for pretty lot anything the requires monitoring of large amounts that data.

But, if you think Excel is only good for making girlfriend cross-eyed when looking in ~ a bunch of numbers and also financial reports, think again. As Tomasz Tunguz points out, over there are lots of uses of Excel in company (and beyond) outside of an easy spreadsheets. In fact, the potential uses are look at endless.

There’s no means for us to translate in a list that records every one of Excel’s possible applications (even if you to be up for reading a War and Peace-sized listicle).

However, in an effort to show the power and also flexibility that everybody’s favourite spreadsheet tool, we’ve traction together various ways the you could use Excel—both professionally, personally, and also just because that the fun of it.

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All about numbers

Of course, the core purpose of Excel all boils down to numbers. If you must sort, retrieve, and also analyze a huge (or also small!) quantity of data, Excel provides it a breeze.

Here space a couple of broad category to store in mind when it pertains to implementing Excel because that anything numbers-related.

1. Calculating


Find yourself running the very same calculations over and also over again? build yourself a completely customized calculator in Excel by programming your commonly-used formulas. The way, you just need to punch in her digits and Excel will spit the answer the end for you—no elbow grease required.

2. Accounting

Budget plans, forecasts, expense tracking, financial reports, loan calculators, and also more. Excel to be pretty lot designed to satisfy these different audit needs. And, since 89 percent of service providers utilize Excel because that its various bookkeeping functions, it obviously fits the bill.

Excel also has numerous different spreadsheet templates to make every one of those processes that much easier.


3. Charting

Pie charts, scatter charts, heat charts, bar charts, area charts, obelisk charts—the perform goes on and on. If you require to discover a method to represent data in a much more visual and digestible way, Excel’s ability to change rows and also columns the digits into beautiful charts is sure to come to be one of her favorite things about it.

Want more information about the types of charts friend can create in Excel? This short article is a helpful resource.


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4. Perform tracking

Tracking inventory deserve to be a headache. Fortunately, Excel can assist to save employees, business owners, or also individuals organized and on height of their inventory—before any major problems chop up.


Making a plan

Let’s relocate on from the numbers—there room plenty of points that Excel can assist you plan and also organize that don’t necessarily involve limitless rows of digits.

5. Calendars and also schedules

Need to map out a content calendar for your blog or website? Lesson plan for your classroom? A PTO schedule because that you and all of your co-workers? A day-to-day schedule because that you or your family? when it involves various calendars, Excel can be surprisingly robust.


6. Seating charts

From a big corporate luncheon come a wedding, arranging a seating chart can be a royal headache. Fortunately, Excel deserve to make the a total breeze. If you’re a real whiz, you’ll be able to immediately create her seating chart making use of your spreadsheet the RSVPs. Need assist getting this done? This article provides a in-depth walkthrough of exactly how you can produce a seating chart in Excel.

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7. Goal planning worksheet

From expert goals come fitness objectives to jae won goals, it help to have something to store you focused and also on track. Enter the beauty of Excel. Using the tool, friend can create various worksheets, logs, and planning files to aid you monitor her progress—and, hopefully, cross the finish line.

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8. Mock-ups

Excel could not be the an initial platform you think of once it comes to design. But, believe it or not, you can use the tool to placed together assorted mock-ups and also prototypes. In fact, it’s a surprisingly popular choice for developing website wireframes and also dashboards.

Getting stuff done

Want come kick your productivity into high gear? Well, Excel have the right to swoop in and also save the day through a range of offers that can aid you tackle your tasks and also to-dos with ease and also organization.

9. Task list

Say goodbye come your traditional pen and record to-do list. Through Excel, you have the right to make a far much more robust task list—and also track your development on those larger to-dos the are currently on your plate.


10. Checklist

Similarly, you can create a an easy checklist that enables you to mite off the points you’ve purchase or accomplished—from a grocery perform to a roster that to-dos because that an upcoming marketing campaign.


11. Project monitoring charts

We’ve currently touched top top the reality that Excel is a total beast when it concerns creating charts. And, this concept holds true once it concerns various charts for job management.

From waterfall charts to control your team’s progression to kanban layout boards (just like Trello!) to store things organized, over there are loads of ways that Excel can aid keep your job on track.

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12. Time logs

You know that tracking time have the right to be a huge asset to you and your productivity. If there are plenty of fancy apps and also tools to assist meet the need, you can think that Excel together the original tool for logging your time. And, that still serves together a an ideal option today.


Involving various other people

Need come collect details from various other people? inspection tools and also forms are one option. But, rest assured, friend can likewise create your very own in Excel.

13. Forms

From straightforward to complicated, Excel is a an excellent option for producing forms. Friend can even program assorted drop-down menus therefore that users can select their selection from a pre-set list.

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14. Quizzes

Trying come test somebody else’s—or also your own—knowledge of a subject? In Excel, girlfriend can develop a financial institution of questions and also answers in one worksheet, and then instruct Excel to quiz girlfriend in another.

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Staying in touch

Managing relationships is an important to her success both professionally and also personally. Fortunately, Excel makes it simple to save in touch.

15. CRM

Need a lightweight CRM come stay peak of mind for your customers? You can make one in Excel. And, the ideal part? structure your own means it will be totally customizable. Sales Hacker additionally put together a nifty collection of totally free sales excel templates you have the right to use to assist get started!

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16. Mail list

Data doesn’t just need to involve numbers. Excel is also an excellent at managing and sorting huge amounts of names and also addresses—making the the perfect equipment for your invite list for that firm holiday party or the mailing perform for that big promotion or campaign.


Using Excel, friend can also mail merge—which makes it the much less complicated to print attend to labels and other necessary materials.

You can likewise apply a similar concept to produce things choose directories, RSVP lists, and also other rosters the involve a large amount that information around people.

Just because that fun

Excel doesn’t need to be every work and no play. There room plenty of various other fun things you can develop using the spreadsheet tool.

17. Historical logs

Whether you want to store track the the assorted craft beers you’ve tasted, the workouts you’ve completed, or something else entirely, you deserve to think the Excel together your go-to source for keeping those points sorted and logged.


18. Sudoku puzzles

Love Sudoku puzzles? as it transforms out, you have the right to make your very own in Excel. Or, if you find yourself grounding on a particularly difficult one, you deserve to enlist the assist of Excel to help you acquire it figured out!

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Need assist creating the Sudoku solver and generator? This write-up will acquire you well on your way!

19. Indigenous cloud

Word clouds could not it is in the many scientific depictions of data. But, they’re a funny (not to point out beautiful way) to obtain an knowledge of what words are being made use of most. You guessed it—you can create one utilizing Excel. Here’s exactly how to use details from Excel to create a native cloud in Wordle.

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20. Art and also animations

The ability of Excel likely extend far past what you’d at first anticipate. In fact, many people have used the device to create some downright great art—from pixelated portraits to animations.

21. Expedition planner

Have a holidays coming up? Make sure you have everything covered by creating yourself a useful itinerary prior to you load your bags and head out. Excel also has a handy expedition planner theme you have the right to use to make sure you don’t miss out on anything (from your budget plan to airline information!).


Over to you

This could seem favor a prolonged list. But, rest assured, the barely scratches the surface of every one of the different things—aside from straightforward spreadsheets—that Excel is qualified of. From lists come charts to style mock-ups, the different uses the Excel space seemingly limitless.

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Feeling intimidated? Don’t concern - you deserve to learn Excel online, all at your very own pace, and also become a spreadsheet ninja in no time.

Do you have something cool you like to create using Excel? allow us know in the comments!